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Wolves in sheep packaging

“No one could tell me, but I learned something else about Schaffhausen, a tiny curiosity of history.

The town was bombed by American aircraft in 1944. 958 more words


There’s a Lupus Nephritis Forum on July 24!

Lupus Nephritis (LN), a common manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus, affects 50-60% of patients with the disease at one point of their illness. It is a serious problem – although, it’s symptoms are not always dramatic (if you’ve been watching morning TV lately, you get what I mean). 186 more words


My Life As an Itinerant Chicken Sexer -- Sigurd - 7/9/2015

My Life As an Itinerant Chicken Sexer

Thursday 09 July 2015

My board of directors met today and roundly criticized all I had ever done, and all I ever plan to do. 739 more words


Review: Sig Sauer MPX-PSB 9mm

There has been an explosion of advancements in the firearms industry over the past decade. In fact, this explosion of advancement has led to the popularization of many old concepts that have been modernized and made new again by the internet, such as the short stroke gas piston, the bullpup rifle, and the pistol caliber carbine. 1,866 more words


The Wonder of It -- Sigurd - 6/9/2015

The Wonder of It

Tuesday 9 June 2014

Sam is about to finish her first year of classes here in California. She is looking forward to the adventure that will be summer. 397 more words


On the Importance of Air -- Sigurd - 6/2/2015

On the Importance of Air

Tuesday 02 June 2015

I woke this morning knowing the most important thing I had to do for the day was breathe. 391 more words


Collections -- Sigurd - 5/20/2015


Wednesday 20 May 2015

I am a collector of small things. Most I can hold in my palm, but some few are larger. I have a substantial collection of antiquities dating from Paleolithic times that I started long ago. 721 more words