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RAMSI to be decommissioned in September

THE Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) is gazing at decommissioning the Regional Assistant Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) in September.

PIF senior representatives made the consideration after hearing the priorities and plans of the Solomon Islands government (SIG) and RAMSI at the 12th meeting of the Enhanced Consultative Mechanism (ECM) held in Honiara on 14 Thursday. 342 more words


Cramming : Idiotic Approach

No one gives a damn if you learn the knowledge of learn how to approach to cramming..

This is how it went… :

I am not good at cramming paragraphs,books, just for the sack of one night or for the exam, I believe in doing something unusual, doing something out of the box, understanding the concept and write on my own. 433 more words


Get Ready For Battle With Your AR But Don't Forget All Those Extras That Go With The Gun.

I bought my first AR-15 in 1978 and with a scope and sling the gun ran me about $600 bucks.  Which means that in today’s numbers, that gun should cost me about $1,500 bucks. 655 more words


Spatial Data Mining

Spatial Data Mining merupakan kajian interdispliner yang berkaitan dengan eksplorasi data. Spatial data mining adalah proses iterasi yang melibatkan multiple steps, termasuk seleksi data, pembersihan, … 452 more words


The Story of Sig

Sig (short for Sigmund Freud) is our neighbor’s cat. He just happens to hang around our houses and seek out sun and affection. He is a funny cat who acts mostly like a dog. 322 more words

Френският джаз тромпетист Erik Truffaz с концерт в Пловдив

Пловдивските любители на джаза ще имат рядката възможност да се докоснат до едно от най-големите имена на световната сцена, тромпетистът Ерик Трюфаз.

Зигфрид (синтезатори, клавишни) и Артис Орубс (барабани) допълват състава на триото, което е специален гост за 20-тото юбилейно издание на София Филм Фест. 32 more words

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