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For progressive minded and tech savvy individuals, the new wealth and investment firms such as Future AdvisorWealthFront and Personal Capital are appealing choices for how to invest. 1,220 more words

In an up year for stocks, many individual investors lost out

Last year was a good one for the market. But for many investors, it was far less than great.

According to a study from SigFig.com… 552 more words


Robo advisor or human?

Stepping stones.

Many traditional human advisors are up in arms about these Robo-Advisors. You cannot replace a human. The list of benefits of using a traditional financial advisor far outweighs that of a computer, but using a Robo-advisor might be a great stepping stone. 106 more words

Rise of the Robo-Advisors: Paying to Do-It-Yourself

Robots and computers are taking over our lives. We see it in areas of our daily living, including the use of digitally driven cars, cell phones, automated vacuums, and electronic self-serve kiosks at the grocery store. 1,007 more words

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Betterment Raises $32 Million To Disrupt Money Management

Betterment, the online financial services firm pitching better investments through technology, has raised $32 million in its latest round of funding.

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SigFig Hires Financial Engines Exec Steve Lifgren To Build Out Its Operations Team

Financial planning startup SigFig has for the most part been flying under the radar since it launched a couple of years ago. But now it’s ready to get serious about expanding and supporting a growing number of customers, with the help of its new head of operations Steve Lifgren. 324 more words