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go to church

Religion is a funny thing. It creates a barrier between people. In the search for enlightenment and faith and community, it alienates people from those with different beliefs. 85 more words


Boeings In Berlin (Airline Tycoon Novella) - Chapter #2 - So Mind What You Are Doing

The following is the second chapter of a Novella I have been writing for a while. It is based on the mechanisms and setup of “Airline Tycoon”, which is a PC Tycoon game which I loved playing when I was younger. 1,304 more words

Chapters And Longer Stories

Siggi and Dan Sommer

Quote: “Siggi was constantly on the phone with Assange,” says Dan Sommer, the former head of security for the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik and a local pastor, who traveled as Siggi’s bodyguard. 296 more words

Full-Fat Yogurt: Have you tried it?

Move over fat-free, high-sugar yogurt. There’s a new kid in town!

I was pumped to see these new Siggi’s full-fat yogurts hit our shelves recently, and was intrigued by the Strawberry & Rhubarb flavor. 253 more words


Is It time for Siggi to go?

Rather an average week for my team in the end, rank ended up down a hundred places and am now around 3500. However considering my transfer in Dzeko, was injured in the warmup i suppose near enough break even isn’t too bad. 409 more words

The perfect front eight is a problem

Imagine having the perfect front eight, wouldnt it be great? In theory, yes. In practice maybe not. I consider myself to have such a front eight, from a realistic perspective, ie in budget. 535 more words

Fantasy Football