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Reading Tips: How to Make your Kids Good in Reading

Reading is an essential life skill and the sooner children get on the path to being independent readers the easier they are going to find school. 37 more words

Sight Words Graphing

There’s nothing like killing 2 birds with one stone! I feel like this printable does that, so I’m pretty jazzed. First, kids read the sight words (clearly a win!), then they use the quantity of each word to make a simple graph (win-win!). 44 more words

Elementary School

Tic Tac Toe Three In A Row!!

Yup, you’ve got it! I turned tic tac toe into a sight word game. I’m not sure if this was genius or crazy but she enjoyed it!   133 more words


Teaching a Preschooler to Read: Word Identification Strategies

For me, this is the part of a child’s reading development that is the most exciting.  This is when the child begins to recognize words.   The child starts off reading one word at a time, but before you know it, he or she is reading phrases, followed by sentences and then books!   1,086 more words


Vocabulary comes in three tiers

Educated people use a three-tiered vocabulary, according to research* done thirty years ago.

  • Tier 1 words include basic words, the working vocabulary of little children.
  • 354 more words
Reading Comprehension

Red light! Green light! 

Remember playing Red Light Green Light as a kid? I do! That was a fun game. So here is my twist because I always have one :-) … 163 more words


Weekly Update - V, J, and to

Hello there friends!

I know I’m late getting these up this time, however, life just gets going sometimes.

The week of the 13th to the 17th brought us writing the letter V, reading the letter J, and the sight word to. 235 more words

Weekly Recap