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Top Benefits of Educational Mobile Apps for Kids

The present-day world of education is a fiercely competitive one – in which depending solely on classroom coaching might not be enough. Mobile applications have already proved to be beneficial for keeping kids a step ahead from their peers – and it’s immensely likely that their popularity would grow even more over time.

Facing dyslexia in a preschooler

So you suspect your preschooler has dyslexia.  What can you do?

  • Realize that the younger a child is when identified as dyslexic, the sooner help can begin.
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Methods Of Teaching Reading

How to teach sight words

You can teach your child sight words through many methods.  Buying or making cards with pictures on them can help make the words stick better in the child’s mind.  259 more words

Methods Of Teaching Reading

Writing Activities

I have linked some activities to improve your child’s penmenship. These activities will help them improve their letter formation.

Writing Worksheets-Click Here

  • Here are some strategies for the parents to go over with their child so they can improve their skills in reading, writing, and math.

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Should I teach my child sight words?

Yes!  Sight words (sometimes called high frequency words) are words which a reader can identify by their appearance, even if the reader doesn’t know phonics.  They are often little words like “a” and “and.”  Some of them follow the rules of phonics, but some don’t. 244 more words

Dolch Words