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May 20th

The weekend was a quiet one for this time of year. There was only a little migration. A few waders at Fife Ness, Arctic terns still passing steadily out at sea, a male wheatear on a wire during my Sunday morning corn bunting circuit and a final tiny surge late on Sunday afternoon with a spotted flycatcher and a lesser whitethroat at Kilminning. 482 more words


Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast for the Week of 2018 May 19

HIGHLIGHTS:  Silvery Checkerspot, Peck’s Skipper, Zabulon Skipper, Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail, Frosted Elfin, Dusted Skipper, Sachem, Least Skipper (late report after original posting)

Well, I didn’t exactly race this week to make sure the Forecast would be in readers’ hands for the start of the weekend.  636 more words


Carl Voelker, a SIB board member, took the photos above from his deck overlooking the marsh and wanted to know what bird these were.  The answer: they are  181 more words


May 16th

The lure of such good weather was too strong today and I had to work at home so I could sit outside listening to the swifts and swallows and tree sparrows passing over. 284 more words


May 13th

The sea was fantastically calm and flat this morning after the heavy rain overnight. There was occasional haar coming in on the feeble easterlies, but between the banks it was crystal clear without any heat haze. 192 more words


May 12th

The first rare bird of the year turned up today. A marsh warbler in the Patch at Fife Ness. I got a text from John Anderson at lunchtime that it was around, having been found early this morning. 424 more words


Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast for the Week of 2018 May 12

HIGHLIGHTS:  West Virginia White, Spicebush Swallowtail, Frosted Elfin, Variegated Fritillary, Silver-spotted Skipper, Red-banded Hairstreak, Holly Azure

Reports are coming in from early spring counts and field expeditions up and down the mid-Atlantic, and generally they all agree on one thing — this has been a late spring, a slow spring, and a generally poor spring for butterflies.  581 more words