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Analogue in Havanna

Today I also want to take you to another analogue adventure! There are cities and countries screaming for ANALOGUE in my eyes. And sometimes you just have to listen to that scream.  283 more words


Croatia (day 4)

Another lazy day on day 4, more swimming in the sea, more cocktails… However I got up for sunrise (again) but this time went into the mountain first, then came back down to the beach.


Garden Trip

The first outing was to a garden where Angie and I would go to relax – and just enjoy the beauty.  It was the last place we visited together,  the first visit back was not an easy one for me. 427 more words

What can happen on a photo safari with the African Painted Dog

What do I mean by what can happen on a photo safari?  Well, many things great and frustrating.  The day you go on safari the weather could be terrible (very hot or very wet) or in the case of my day it was very chilly, dry and dusty.  555 more words