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The Sign of the Cross

Question: Why do we make the sign of the cross?

The sign of the cross serves as something of a liturgical barometer. Want to know where a parish falls on the scale between “low” and “high” liturgy?

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The Sign of the Cross, is it Biblical?

It is one of the great tradition of the Catholic Church, but why is it that this great tradition is being mocked and laughed at by other churches, even by the current media? 2,127 more words


A reader asked me about this rather unusual image, which we might call the “Rejoicing Demons” type for convenience:

It is an Old Believer image, as we can tell from the kind of… 564 more words



A strange title: Counting Prayers? What counting prayers mean and why should we count our prayers? An excellent question I asked myself when I initially began this post? 1,805 more words


Good Morning April 17

Martin Luther encouraged people to be regular in their daily devotions, and gave some instruction about a pattern they might use. He said that one should begin by making the sign of the cross over themselves. 136 more words

Good Morning

Crossing Burden

Maybe within a brass key.

Or, a handed down skeleton.

Or, a locket.

Or, a gifted rosary.

Sliced Americana dimmed in privacy.

Hoarder’s paradise brimming over with pride. 47 more words