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‘With this ring, I thee wed’

Rings, potentially cheap and simple bands of metal or twine or moulded Haribo sugar, or diamond-encrusted show-stoppers designed for wow factor, are hugely symbolic. To someone who wants their partner to propose, an engagement ring on someone else equals a neon sign of something they don’t have. 1,278 more words


Don't judge a professional Caroline by her cover

I’ve been back at work a month now, just a few days a week. Which, it turns out, is capacity right now.

The good bits about work: 847 more words


La nostra luna di miele

After thinking about our wedding a lot around our anniversary, I’ve thought about our honeymoon since. And I’m going to ask you to indulge me and join me in windy memory lane in Italy. 829 more words


The circle of life

I don’t remember why or when, but Twigg coined a really annoying phrase a while back: ‘that’s nature that is’. If David Attenborough was on tv talking us through a duckling being stalked and eaten by an arctic fox, or if I saw a half-dead butterfly flapping in circles on the floor and said ‘oh no! 1,525 more words


Us then lots then me

Last Friday morning I woke up and packed Twigg’s ashes into my rucksack and off we went for the last time ‘together’. ‘Us’. At a café in King’s Cross station I met 4 of our friends and we were 5, plus Twigg. 374 more words


Baby baby baby

Yesterday my baby turned 9 months young. She is growing so beautifully and is blossoming. She never gets tired of smiling, just like her daddy. I don’t think there’s a happier baby than my Royal. 359 more words

Significant Days

Too few anniversaries

This Sunday is our 7th wedding anniversary. We were 27 when we got married and I guess, if we’d have talked about it then, we’d have said well we’ve hopefully got another 70 years of marriage on the way. 1,962 more words