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Exhibition Launch: Gerard Mermoz - Significant Objects

On Saturday we officially opened Gerard’s Significant Objects project at the West Point 55 Pop-Up Gallery. With a busy crowd of attendees, a good level of chatter abounded as people discussed the significance of their chosen objects and speculated about what would be significant of other’s objects. 66 more words


Introducing: Gerard's Significant Objects


Residents from West Point were invited to select two objects. Objects that were not necessarily of intrinsic value, but of special personal significance to their owner. 212 more words


Putting Up Gerard's Significant Objects

Last Friday we welcomed a change in the art work of the Pop-Up Gallery. Although we were of course sad to see Margaret’s beautiful work leaving the Cafe walls, we were very excited to see Gerard’s Significant Objects project. 25 more words

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A story CEOs & CFOs need to know about brand story-telling

The view that a brand should tell a story rather than just have a ‘positioning’ is not new in marketing circles. However, for CEOs who often already see marketing as the ‘soft’ side of their businesses, investment in story-telling may seem too esoteric a notion, and one with questionable commercial benefit. 1,015 more words

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How Trader Joe's makes food stuff 'Significant Objects' ... Or: Of 'Speculoos Cookie Butter' and a 'Fearless Flyer'

I had one of those ‘Eureka’ insights the other day when I saw the latest Trader Joe’s ‘Fearless Flyer’ on our kitchen table: Trader Joe’s has made a great business out of morphing their foods into ‘Significant Objects’ that we cherish and desire, well before and beyond tasting them. 1,675 more words

4 - Behold! - The Product As Manifestation

Gerard's Significant Object Tea Party

West Point residents share their significant objects with our artist, Gerard.

This afternoon we started the first of our events, leading up to the official launch of our project next Wednesday. 99 more words


Significant Objects

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You are immediately surprised and then subsequently unsurprised that the airport in Las

Vegas has about one-hundred slot machines. You remember that line from the Sunday… 461 more words