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A Look at Scripting in our Home

I’ve mentioned scripting and scripting sources before, but I’ve not shared very much what it looks like.

Lady Bug was talking precociously at 14 months. Sometime around her 2nd birthday, she stopped talking. 562 more words

Christmas Themed Joint Activities

I’m posting before doing any so that you can have the all in one place list if you’re looking to do something like this this month, too. 714 more words

Communicating before words

Some parents have shared with me that they are hesitant to teach their baby sign language because they want their baby to talk.  To them, the idea that we are teaching baby to communicate without words was taking a step back.   494 more words


Lady Bug's Closet

Lady Bug enjoys dresses. If you dress her in a skirt and call it a skirt, she will “correct” you and tell you, “Dress!” The big poofy ones with tulle; she loves those. 377 more words