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Z is for the Zodiac You Hide Behind on the Final Day of the #AtoZChallenge

Chlöe once told me that the Zodiac was just man’s way of excusing their own behaviours. An early way for us to deny our true nature. 560 more words

Alex Laybourne

Horrorscopes: April Showers Bring May Flowers And Not All Of Them Are Carnivorous!

Welcome back, starchildren! With spring’s arrival, new life is in the air. Literally. Microorganisms cloud our breathable mix of nitrogen and oxygen, pollens co-mingling in a frenzy to coax forth tangles and tendrils and a vast canopy to block out the rays of the sun— 1,546 more words

Eros and Psche Compatibility

his Eros and her Psyche in the same sign:

INSTANTANEOUS COMBUSTION! Wow! This is the classic love-at-first-sight scenario. So often it seems as though fate genuinely conspires to bring these two together under the most bizarre of circumstances. 2,854 more words


I'm a Taurus, Part 2

Taureans love the physical things in life, like good food, quality possessions, and being with people. I’m not saying other people don’t enjoy those things as well, but financial security is a Taurus’ top priority. 487 more words

Me & My Other Personalities

I'm a Taurus, Part 1

I believe in zodiac signs. I don’t believe the predictions for them at all, but I’ve never met anyone whose personality didn’t match their sign. I’m a Taurus, and almost everything I’ve read about my sign makes sense to me. 452 more words

Me & My Other Personalities

Star Sign Collection

My latest mini collection is ready! It’s the signs of the zodiac which will be available as sweet little bookmarks shortly. If you’re interested in ordering something from this collection you can do so… 12 more words