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Jeffrey Jerome Cohen on miscegenation anxiety in Ridley Scott’s Alien: “The grotesque creature that stalks the heroine (dressed in the final scene only in her underwear) drips a glistening slime of K-Y Jelly from its teeth; the jaw tendons are constructed of shredded condoms; and the man inside the rubber suit is Bolaji Badejo, a Masai tribesman standing seven feet tall who happened to be studying in England at the time the film was cast.”

Deal of the Century (1983)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: Making money selling weapons.

Eddie (Chevy Chase) is a American arms dealer selling weapons to both the rebels and military dictator of a small South American country. 537 more words



On Sigourney Weaver, and other celestial bodies.

A recollection from an interview with Time magazine, in 1986:

“At fourteen,  Susan read The Great Gatsby and dubbed herself Sigourney (after the unseen aunt Gatsby`s sleek-snob lady friend Jordan Baker). 236 more words


Why you should wear a condom while watching Aliens

What are things that are slimy. Loud. Eat all your hopes and dreams of being alive and carefree. Are harbingers of doom and gloom that spontaneously pop out of us and should be immediately killed with fire? 776 more words

Review: Alien

Sat in the cinema, you see an old looking and sounding 20th century fox logo and BAM, you’re in another time, exactly 40 years ago to be exact, but being transported to the year 2122. 789 more words


Alien (1979) Coming to 4K

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror classic Alien, originally released back in 1979 will celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary by getting an upgrade when it comes to home video. 316 more words


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire reviews, 28th February

Please click the logo above to listen to my reviews for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. I review the films Fighting With My Family and Miss Bala, and preview the 40th anniversary screening of Alien.

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