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Neon Lights, 26 & 27 November 2016 / PJ Harvey, 13 January 2017

As usual, I’ve been tardy writing about shows so I’m making up for it by covering Neon Lights 2016 and PJ Harvey back-to-back in this post. 714 more words


The Contrarian: "Great" Artists You're Wrong About, Vol. 2

By Spencer Davis. You thought I got it all out of my system last time? HA! Apparently you don’t know me at all, because while the hate I rained down on Frank Ocean, Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, and The Cure was impressive—and despite what you might’ve read in the comments section, totally warranted—there’s plenty more where that came from. 1,428 more words


One is nature

Listening to Untitled #8 by Sigur Ros, I am overcome with a feeling of oneness. Unity. This is Iceland – for me. Icelandic music is inexplicably tied to the landscape, and modern artists take inspiration from traditional folk songs, creating a truly ethereal experience. 168 more words


Void of vocabulary

Are you ready to continue kicking the arse out the explorer theme? I sure am. After writing my last blog I had a Longfellow moment where it and my  326 more words


PODCAST: S1E2- Flóki young malt

The second episode of the podcast saw Andy & Stu embrace the dramatic landscapes and violent volcanos of Iceland, by trying a dram of Iceland’s only (we think!) malt whisky, and listening to some Icelandic music (though thankfully more of the contemporary stuff than the traditional music!). 254 more words


Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n Roll

August 30, 2016

Iceland Museum of Rock & Roll

Caffeinated and armed with a GPS, we found the Iceland Museum of Rock & Roll. This was one of Doug’s interest, but I ended up finding it really fun. 74 more words