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Sigur Ros - Edinburgh International Festival LIVE REVIEW

This article was originally posted on here (and is also very late getting posted here so oops.)

A low rumbling of thunder and static signals… 592 more words


Pstereo Festival 2016

The Pstereo Festival celebrated their 10th anniversary on August 18-20 2016. As usual one stops to relish the beautiful surroundings of the festival area, and also get to see great music acts. 47 more words


10 more great post-2000 progressive rock albums

All of these are listed on prog sites as prog, so if it ain’t prog enough for you, prog off.

OK, this is a sequel to… 2,669 more words


Post Two. My Sigur Rós payback 

I read an excellent article this week entitled ‘I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill’, by Denise Reich for The Mighty. I had planned on writing a similar post myself but she says it so perfectly and it fits in well with what I want to write about today. 1,211 more words


What I'm all about

Scrolling through all my blog posts thus far, I realized I haven’t actually said anything about myself. So, here’s Andrea 101:

Neil Gaiman

Icelandic Music You Didn't Know You Knew

Iceland has a robust, thriving, active music scene that offers up international sensations, bubbly techno, and even Reggae for our favorite TV shows, movies, and road trip mixes. 257 more words

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