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'Pride In Travel': Chasing Manchester City Football Club Supporters Around The World

The 2013-14 season was one of the greatest ever for longtime fans of the Manchester City Football Club. The team, fully revitalized after more than three decades of ineptitude, won both the Football League Cup and the Premier League Championship. 2,542 more words

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Important Research Discovers What Music Cats Prefer

Cats are adorable, but they seem to have terrible taste in music. But is there a type of music that appeals specifically to cats? 175 more words


Ansiedade e problemas pré-viagem

Não tenho conseguido pensar em muitas outras coisas além dos preparativos da viagem… E vai dinheiro… Nossa… Meu maior problema ultimamente é a Caixa Cartões… Demorou mais de 2 meses para mudar o endereço e eu poder pedir um cartão novo, porque havia bloqueado a senha (quase não uso e com a mudança, não sei onde foi parar a senha). 676 more words

Explosions In the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place: Music Review


Known for being a genre figurehead and quintessential listen for fans, Explosions In the Sky has spent the last 16 years crafting a brand of instrumental post rock that has enraptured listeners. 1,288 more words

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A Month in Morocco: Atlas Dragons

I was ecstatic to leave Marrakech. I don’t doubt that there’s an amazing amount of history there and plenty to see if one seeks it out, but I was completely over it in less than two days. 345 more words

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Modern Iceland Vocabulary and Phrases from Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós - Music

The following are lyrics to the song Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós. The translation I have written is for the purposes of language learning. To find out more about this band and to support their music, click… 339 more words


FEATURE: Top 5 Alternative Albums of 2013

5. Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

After years in the wilderness, Hesitation Marks sees Trent Reznor and co have finally find themselves floating into the grasp of a major record (Colombia). 914 more words

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