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Sigur Rós Are Soundtracking An Upcoming Norwegian Black Metal Movie That Stars Sky Ferreira

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— Jonas Åkerlund (@Akerlund_Jonas) January 19, 2018

Back in 2015, it was announced that Jonas Åkerlund — a director who has made music videos for the likes of Madonna, Beyonce, and U2 — was working on a more longform visual music project.

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42- Learning Hopelandic

You’re a beautiful man. Your curls toss over soft eyes. Your mouth sings me into your kiss. Calloused fingers trail  the grooves in my back, pushing me into a place where I might be content to stay, were it not for the pull of your cock and how bad I want you inside of me. 306 more words

Sigur Ros- Manchester Apollo

“That song that’s always on BBC Wildlife documentaries” is how I usually explain who Sigur Ros are. An Icelandic band that have an unusually large English following for a band that sing and perform in their native language. 212 more words

NORÐUR OG NIÐUR FESTIVAL, Reykjavik Iceland December 2017

Lit. Go North and go down; fig. “Everything’s going to hell”

A dream come true! Our all-time favourite band, Sigur Ros, play their first concert in their hometown of Reykjavik for the first time in years. 32 more words


Valtari- Sigur Rós

I have a pretty funny story with this one. Four years ago, I went on a flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Keflavík, Iceland, so I could then hop on another plane from there to Frankfurt, Germany. 827 more words

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Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (Review)

Director: Timothy van Patten
Starring: Georgina Campbell, Joe Cole

The Overview
A dating app offers users the opportunity to find out the “expiry date” on their relationship, before eventually leading them to find their ultimate match. 448 more words

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Heartbreaking 'Steven Universe' scene inspires moving ballet routine

Every once in a while, a children’s cartoon strikes an emotional chord that affects even adult viewers. Every once in a while, those cartoons become the inspiration for equally affecting dance routines. 158 more words