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Icelandic Museum of Rock 'n Roll

August 30, 2016

Iceland Museum of Rock & Roll

Caffeinated and armed with a GPS, we found the Iceland Museum of Rock & Roll. This was of Doug’s interest, but I ended up finding it really fun. 70 more words


Just music, always.

Music is one of the most pure and primal affections that humans can have.

Music exists solely to bring meaning to things that we can’t easily explain. 316 more words

Louder Than Words

“If I still fight, it’s just that I’m afraid I’ll slide under that spell again”

Twice in my life did I have to consider the question ‘what makes music universal?’ (or something along those lines) in an exam question. 423 more words


Apartment Stories: #101 Pippa´s Wish

Icelanders are a nation of storytellers. Everybody has a saga to tell. So it is only fitting that each of our apartments has one and we´re now going to tell them, starting with one of our absolute favorites, #101 or Pippa´s Wish. 415 more words


Great heated hearts

Sunday 5th June 2016 – 23:49

Head throbbing,
Midges everywhere,

I somehow feel in love again, but a most unusual feeling as it is only comparable for me to the nights in January 2012, when everything came together as a great communion of the whole universe and me. 332 more words

Previously Unpublished

January 1: The Beatles, Eels, Michael Jackson, Public Enemy, Sigur Ros, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Velvet Underground

Happy New Year! This week I’ll be looking at more of my favourites before going back to normal next week.

The Beatles, ‘The Beatles’

Sometimes it’s all about the context in which you hear an album. 1,107 more words