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Cambodia - Labokkatao

Cambodia is one of my favorite countries in southeast Asia.

The border with Vietnam is full of casinos. I met a guy who invited me to stay with him and an Australian friend in one of the Casino hotels, but I had best thing to do, so I hitchhike to Phnom Penh, where I had some couchsurfer waiting for me. 289 more words

Norman Lewis and Cambodia, 1950

As a child Norman Lewis was sent to live with his three mad aunts, the first of whom never stopped weeping, the second never stopped laughing, and the third never spoke an intelligible word. 945 more words


Bangkok 1957, the T(w)hailight zone.

1957? (OMG). Sounds – and is – like an awful long time ago. Feels like a long time ago. :) We were living in Cambodia then. 371 more words


The last white elephant

White elephants are only theologically white. To the average eye they look like any other elephant. They get their whiteness from their resemblance to the white elephant which impregnated Maya, the mother of the Buddha, when the Buddha wished to assume human form at the beginning of the present age. 639 more words

Buddha And Naga

Angkor Wat, by motorcycle.

Sitting down to a bowl of instant noodles in the room, it feels a little surreal to be writing this in Cambodia. It was a long ride today from one beach resort in Pattaya to another in Sihanoukville. 431 more words

Sam Sary and the little whips of history

In November Sam Rainsy, inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi’s  election victory in Myanmar, began comparing himself to the Burmese heroine. Like Suu Kyi, he was the son of a freedom-fighter, and like her he would lead his people to victory. 902 more words



Ahhhhh, Kirirom.  Alpine forests only a three-and-a-half-hour moto ride from the hot and dusty streets of Phnom Penh.  Your ass will be sore but the fresh air is worth it.   230 more words

Cambodian Road Trips