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Follow the Why..

Ask yourself why the Gurudwaras keeping making buildings and getting us in debt…

And now assume its not because they are stupid. So there must be a reason. 706 more words

Spring Cleaning Part 2 – Panthic (Dis)Unity

Guru Piarey jio,

We Sikhs fought bravely for our Gurus.  The films depicting our bravery and courage have not yet been made, the gems not yet uncovered. 2,926 more words

Spring Cleaning Part 1 – Gurudwara Management Committees

Guru Piarey Jio,

In Asa di var, Guru teaches that Haumai is our most severe illness and yet its cure lies within it. Earning (practicing and experiencing) Guru ji’s  teachings and Vaheguru’s grace,  are the transformational tool to make our self-serving ‘ego’ into the ‘Gurmukh’, a Guru orientated ‘self’ that is attuned to the Name of our beloved. 5,502 more words