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How to create a new Scripted Custom Field in a JIRA dashboard

  1. Download the plugin Kepler Custom Fields
  2. Create a SIL Script Custom Field
  3. In the custom field configuration set a new script like this:
  4. number [] comments = getAllCommentIds(key); string txt =""; for(number x in comments) { string[] cmt= getCommentById(x); if(contains(cmt["text"], "important") ){ txt= "Updated " + cmt["updated"] + " by " + cmt["author"] + " : " + cmt["text"]; } //txt = txt + cmt["text"]; } return txt; …
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Marketing Rounds - IEM SIL course

I was honoured to present my thoughts on SIL, SIF, IPF and other abbreviations to a willing crowd on the 9th September 2015. 32 more words


SIL and ballast systems

Working on floating oil and gas facilities, one question keeps popping up about ballast systems. Should they have SIL requirements, and what should in this case the requirements be? 1,530 more words


Why IEC 61508's SIL concept doesn't work

Why probability is not corroboration

The IEC’s 61508 standard on functional safety assigns a series of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) that correlate to the achievement of specific hazardous failure rates. 330 more words

IEC 61508

The Nicolaism of the WEA, Wycliffe, & SIL

Beware the Nicolaitans

Upon my recent investigations into the Wycliffe, SIL, & WEA Familial Terms Protocols I found a most disturbing statement.

“We also acknowledge that it is not appropriate for outsiders who do not know the target language of a given translation to dictate to translators skilled in that language how they should do their work or to make sweeping judgments, allegedly valid for all target languages, about the translation task. 496 more words


A Couple of Prestons (James, that is)… 10-7-15, “Exposed, the American ISIS Nexus” ~ Oct. 11, 2015


You know how I feel. The geo-polical events occurring on our world today are necessary for our spiritual selves to grow and reach another vibratory level of existance. 6,261 more words

Wycliffe, SIL, WEA Breach of Truth - Chrislam at the Core

Wycliffe, SIL, & WEA subject the Bible to Qur’anic authority.

On September 22nd  2015 the WEA called another meeting to discuss their panel recommendations to Wycliffe and SIL regarding oversight of Divine Familial Terms in translating the bible into Muslim contexts. 987 more words