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Wycliffe, SIL, WEA Breach of Truth - Chrislam at the Core

Wycliffe, SIL, & WEA subject the Bible to Qur’anic authority.

On September 22nd  2015 the WEA called another meeting to discuss their panel recommendations to Wycliffe and SIL regarding oversight of Divine Familial Terms in translating the bible into Muslim contexts. 987 more words


Upgrading the engine with bearings, oil seals and silent blocks

So let us start the rebuild, first up on my list were the bearings all around the engine. All the original Indian items were changed to quality items. 249 more words

Series 3

A look inside a SIL engine part 2 Chain case side

So let us move inside the chain casing.

Everything looks fine here. No missing links on the chain, no loose sprockets och gear teeth falling out. 196 more words


New Engine in bike

After a couple of miles I hade the opportunity to try something else. The Grandturismo GT200 kit from Rich Tayllor.

Granturismo homepage

I decided to do an engine swap. 72 more words



I’m super excited.  My sister in law, Julie, is coming in tomorrow.  We are going to have a girls day and she’s going to help me with the baby registry. 108 more words


Birthday Season :(

With September now upon us, most people are counting how many more sleeps till school starts (or in some instances that being today) and life can get back to more of a routine.   439 more words

MIL Horror Stories