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Machine safety - what is it? 

Machines can be dangerous. Many occupational accidents are related to use of machinery, and taking care of safety requires attention to the user in design, operation and training as well as when planning maintenance. 209 more words


Electrical isolation of ignition sources on offshore installations

One of the typical major accident scenarios considered when building and operating an offshore drilling or production rig, is a gas leak that is ignited, leading to a jet fire, or even worse, an explosion. 360 more words

Reliability Engineering

New security requirements to safety instrumented systems in IEC 61511

IEC 61511 is undergoing revision and one of the more welcome changes is inclusion of cyber security clauses. According to a presentation held by functional safety expert… 278 more words


What is the difference between software and hardware failures in a reliability context?

Reliability engineers have traditionally focused more on hardware than software. There are many reasons for this; one reason is that traditionally safety systems have been based on analog electronics, and although digitial controls and PLC’s have been introduced throughout the 1990’s, the actual software involved was in the beginning very simple. 364 more words

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Is the necessary SIL related to layers of protection or operating practices?

A safety integrity level is a quantification of the necessary risk reduction we need from an automated safety system to achieve acceptable risk levels for some industrial system. 615 more words

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What does a "SIL" requirement really mean?

Safety instrumented systems are often assigned a “Safety Integrity Level”: This is an important concept for ensuring that automatic controls intended to maintain the safety of a technical safety actually bring the risk reduction that is necessary. 344 more words

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Boquet of flowers

Today’s post comes to us thanks to SIL! Yesterday was her oldest ‘s grade 7 graduation. Apparently that is a big deal here as it means next year is high school!   216 more words

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