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Grass Fever!

Farmer is busy silaging. Early starts and late nights mean I don’t get to see much of him at the moment. So the only way we get some decent time together is if I go and hang out with him on the forage harvester. 122 more words

The green green grass ...

… of Wales.

Yes, Mr Jones was right: Wales has lots of green green grass, and here is a field in the midst of being cut and arranged in lines ready to be picked up and taken away as silage. 21 more words


The glamorous life of a farmer's wife

I like to try to be involved in life on the farm where possible. It helps to make me feel part of it. But teaching full time can make it difficult to be of much use to Farmer around the farm. 307 more words

Modern farming!

Today in Tamsweg was the most enormous queue of tractors and trailers. I think every farmer in Lungau was dumping the plastic wrappings and nets from their silage and haylage balls. 23 more words


Nancy Merrill's Photo a Week Challenge - Green

Fields are now turning green just like this one I pass regularly

Later I’m sure it will offer up more shots like this when hay or grass for silage is being cut. 33 more words


Why do they do that? Wrapping Bales

It is common for farmers to store big round bales outside. Have you ever noticed that some are wrapped in a net or solid plastic? Why do they do that? 391 more words