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Learning about trees - Graham Smith

Although the cows are milking well not all things are going to plan. The submission rate was 85%, close but no cigar. I still have two cows that are reluctant to cycle and as I do not intervene, I will just have to be patient. 641 more words


Rain, rain go away. Come again mid-summer! Brian Frost

It feels like all we talk about each month is the rain, but the reality is it has been extremely detrimental to our farm this year. 574 more words


October Days & Fall Happenings 2017

This is my third time writing this post about our Fall happenings, I am determined to finish it this morning and post it!

This season on the farm is especially busy for Milton with wheat sowing and harvesting three different crops.  275 more words


Perception is Everything

The line of bales looks like the perfect end to a perfect day; and in a lot of ways it is the end of a perfect day. 326 more words

Scary silage pit

In a bid to spend some time with Farmer, as his days are so long right now, I reluctantly agreed to spend some time with him on the silage pit. 108 more words

The start of Autumn

So the start of Autumn heralds a flurry of “hurry up and get it done before the snow flies” activity.

This usually involves hauling the rest of the hay bales home, cleaning up the yard so you don’t lose a tool for an entire season because it’s buried, and fixing the home fences for when the cattle come back from summer pastures. 356 more words

All the Things Made Unsaid

I have been cleaning and cleaning, my house or myself, of the scent of you, maybe letting my mind wander to think of you uninterrupted, I don’t know. 3,434 more words