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First cut.

The glorious nostril filling smell of cut grass after the boys have been hard at work on the first cut silage has been the smelltrack to the last few days. 31 more words


Lambing getting started

This week we have tidied up the shed, set out all the laming equipment and put a ring feeder and a water bucket in ready for the ewes. 41 more words

Good Grass Quality Silage Basis to Dairy Profits

Grass, combining good forage with quality grass-based silage is the most cost-effective way to feed dairy cows.

While grazed systems for dairy cattle have the potential for the best returns, not all farms are suitable for this system. 1,166 more words

Looking back at the season - John van der Goes

It seems like only yesterday that I sat down to write my last blog. Maybe it was, as I took a long time to get it down. 449 more words

John Van Der Goes


Lysozyme is an enzyme discovered and named by Alexander Fleming- the same guy who discovered Penicillin. The discovery was completely accidental when “nasal drippings were inadvertently introduced to a petri dish.” 1,476 more words


Forage Harvesting

In my book, I talk about the origin of the tower silo, how the word originated, and trench silos, which both predated and outlived tower silos. 41 more words