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(Most) Henges, Great and Small

Stonehenge is known the world over for its mystery, for the (alleged) alignment of the stones to the summer and winter solstices and for the achievement of an ancient people. 532 more words


A flying visit...


The first kite fell in a tumbling dive, just a few yards away from us. The great wings folded to allow it to just… 604 more words


29th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017: Lower Shaw Farm

Eight London Red Ropers joined some other guests at Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon for the New Year. Lower Shaw is a community farm which has chickens, ducks, (currently shut in due to the threat of bird flu) 2 pigs, 3 sheep and an organic garden.  192 more words


"This enchanted isle"-Romantic visions of fairyland

On a recent trip to Glastonbury, I visited Gothic Image bookshop in the High Street and picked up a reprinted edition of their publication, This enchanted isle… 1,232 more words

Silbury Sunset

Husb and I had a few days away, visiting friends in the south of England. We drove back today across ancient landscape and stopped for a little while at the most extraordinary… 11 more words

Out And About

Journey often travelled and ignored

For 20 years i’ve been making journeys along this historic road and never really stopped to take much notice. This morning I was on an early trip around sunrise and couldn’t resist stoping to take some shots with the mist rolling over the hills and the dew still on the ground. 14 more words

3 A.M.

This song is one that’s been on my playlist for years and I still don’t grow tired of it. Matchbox 20 are the band. The song for me is about that quirky girl we all know and love. 111 more words