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New Silbury soul-release model can explain the rounded sarsen stones implanted concave-side down into sides of the growing Neolithic mound.

The following extract is taken from the informative yet perplexing book entitled “The Story of Silbury Hill” (Jim Leary and David Field, 2010, English Heritage). We start on page 39 for this, the first and most important instalment of this posting. 2,499 more words

Silbury Hill

Genesis of a new theory for Neolithic Silbury Hill - a gradual merging of multiple, soul-releasing compost heaps.

Hello. Sorry to have been gone so long (nigh on 4 years!). My “Shroud of Turin” project took longer than expected – well over 300 postings on  … 3,945 more words

Silbury Hill

Crop Circle Dancing

Stonehenge was beautiful.

Wondrous to stroll around, where so many have before. Pondering as I did how those who built it did so with so few tools. 827 more words


Avebury Henge & Silbury Hill

Very occasionally I indulge my self with a trip out with my camera. As I’ve posted here previously about the various ancient monuments that I’ve visited around the UK it can be assumed it’s a standing stone of an interest. 384 more words


Echoes in the Darkness of Silbury Hill

In 1849, workmen under the direction of Dean Merewether hacked another tunnel into the side of Silbury Hill, hoping to uncover the golden coffin of King Zil or else the legendary ruler himself seated on a life-size horse cast from gold. 355 more words


The Stonehenge and Cotswolds Countryside

The Stonehenge was something I was very keen on seeing in person since the moment I knew I would be living in England for six months. 874 more words


England: The Mystery of Silbury Hill, Avebury

Surely the most arrresting sight in southern England is not Stonehenge but the mysterious pyramid of Silbury Hill.  This great earthen mound is completely unlike any of the other neolithic monuments of West Kennet, or indeed in all of Europe. 344 more words