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England: The Mystery of Silbury Hill, Avebury

Surely the most arrresting sight in southern England is not Stonehenge but the mysterious pyramid of Silbury Hill.  This great earthen mound is completely unlike any of the other neolithic monuments of West Kennet, or indeed in all of Europe. 344 more words


England: West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury

We drove out to Avebury from Bath, along a route that promised to be rural but was now heavily trafficked.  Here we found another astonishing sight that I’d never heard of, the West Kennet Long Barrow. 287 more words


Holy Mounds, Sacred Springs. Prehistoric mounds and their landscapes.

To put the Round Mounds Project in context, Dr Jim Leary describes some previous work on Neolithic round mounds in Wiltshire and how those sites might give us some clues in the search for other similar mounds elsewhere…

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Merry Olde England, and I do mean olde

People have been around these parts for a very long time, and we saw evidence of that last week with a visit to Avebury, a village in the center of a ring of stones placed by someone 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. 454 more words


Stonehenge and 'Super Henge' Durrington Walls

I long ago grew weary of the hyperbole in press releases dealing with new discoveries in the Stonehenge landscape, but the latest announcement by Professor Vince Gaffney… 678 more words


Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire: A Day Out with a Difference

If you fancy venturing somewhere a little bit different with the kids this Summer, I recommend Avebury Stone Circle.

Situated in Wiltshire, Avebury Stone Circle is the world’s largest prehistoric stone circle. 156 more words