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#633 When the democratic right to vote was only available to men, many campaigned for years to ensure the #voices of #women would be heard, and the true meaning of #democracy realised. 16 more words


White Rabbit (revisited)

woke this morning

not quite myself

muffled somehow

as if I took a solemn

vow of silence

in a dream that

has faded

I no longer remember… 134 more words



her ovaries must harbor

in sub-atomic particles

the Jungian aggregation

of all the silencings

the brutal

culturally sanctioned

“God says we should do this”

stoned-for-expressing-sexuality… 63 more words

Holy Week - Resurrecting the Magdalene Part II

This Holy Week, as we journey toward the cross, and later, the empty tomb, we not only prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, who became Christ; we work together to resurrect the Magdalene from 2000 years of dismissal. 736 more words

Mary Magdalene


infused of the cosmos

she is their voices

tenacious and talon-tongued

she is the whistling warning

under the hawk’s taxi

down the runway

winging aloft fervently… 101 more words

Silencing the Praise Of Christ

Stones of Silence

Today begins the journey of remembrance for Holy Week.  That week that our Lord and our Savior started His journey into Jerusalem for the preparation of offering His body as a sacrifice for us.   327 more words

When Did She Stop Being My Mommy

Have you ever felt like packing your shit up, hopping in your car and never looking back? I’m am at a complete loss right now. Heart is heavy, eyes flooded with tears and no one to lean on. 246 more words