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I refuse to be silenced...

I refuse to be silenced –

By the threat of eggshells crunching underfoot;

By blasts of passive-aggressive poison seeping under my doors;

By political correctness which has sewn itself seamlessly to the worst fears expressed in… 218 more words


the silent

not being able

to speak

is not the same as

being silenced.



it’s not fair
i’m so alone
why can’t i live
and feel
and believe too
why can’t i be

no one sees or hears… 966 more words

A Broken Blue Sky


the ground shook beneath her.the earth whispered,

this is it. fight like they’re worth


but let them breathe

to survive the after shock.
her love is like an earthquake. 67 more words


The Silenced (2015)

So I was combing through Netflix for a horror to watch, and I felt a little more inclined to the supernatural side of horror, and I do enjoy foreign horrors because they tend to be more original and grittier than English films.  751 more words



Courage is for the weak,

affixed to the sticking place

secured by the brave.

Of this I am reminded

whenever you and I speak

or do not speak… 52 more words


Suicide Silenced

Sitting in silence

On an old wooden dock,

Holding back violence,

And skipping some rocks.

Alone as he is

He’s made up his choice,

He can’t go about… 45 more words