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"in Canada right now" by Julia at her dining table

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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there are a lot of people holding each other tight and saying how lucky we are… 170 more words

Spirit: Silent or Silenced

Growing up, I was raised in a church that was really focused on the rules. At the age of 21, I began a real relationship with Jesus while in a new church. 566 more words


Object Number One

I want to strangle your babies
The seeds of your spirit,
Castrate you of thoughts
Until there is nothing left,
Naked and bare

Nothing left… 29 more words


World Of Warcraft's New Penalty Will Silence The Abusive And Obnoxious

(Source: kotaku.com)

Launching with the Legion expansion pre-update later this month, World of Warcraft’s new silence penalty is designed to let players engaging in abusive or inappropriate chat dig their own incredibly quiet, ever-expanding grave. 194 more words


No Lying!


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To lie was the ultimate forbidden act. Punishment was swift and final. The vocal cords were paralyzed, and could never be restored.   492 more words

Daily Prompt


This is how it feels to be a silenced, abandoned, abused person. Poetry is my only way to share it.

You left.
You took.
You’ve chosen. 26 more words

Silence... And the truth.

I know you think I hate you. I know you are telling anyone who will listen how ungrateful I am. I was the heartless whore who used you and left. 1,583 more words