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Encoded- Aurora Phoenix

her ovaries must harbor

in sub-atomic particles

the Jungian aggregation

of all the silencings

the brutal

culturally sanctioned

“God says we should do this”

stoned-for-expressing-sexuality… 88 more words

Proxy World

I hide within words unspoken
Afraid of the world outside
The shadows and noisy commotions
The hubbub and all of its lies

I never intended to be this way… 116 more words


Loyal?The Silence of the Abused.


Why are we silent? Why are we so reluctant to share our tales in public? Why do we delete post after post if we are bloggers? 934 more words

Creative Writing

Sparkle Kept Underground

Look around you, what do you see? I’ll bet if you ask most people, they’ll say they see devastation, disaster, tragedy and heartbreak. Do you see the love? 248 more words

The Silenced

In the solitude, I listen to the temper, from the many contained in an environment of unforgiving. I, too, stand in the congregation and see the smiles like fake news. 978 more words

White Rabbit (revisited)

woke this morning

not quite myself

muffled somehow

as if I took a solemn

vow of silence

in a dream that

has faded

I no longer remember… 134 more words


the silent

not being able

to speak

is not the same as

being silenced.