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More Lou Lou P Treats To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

Lou Lou P’s freakishly detailed and pun-tastic treats are just as good as they were last time I featured them, and while Lou Lou has taken a hiatus from Facebook to focus on… 25 more words



If you’re talking to someone and they shut you off from voicing out, then you remain silent in unison against what they say when you disagree, are you both ulitmately waging a war on silencing each other?



I hear story after story of dysfunctional families. They all have one common factor. Lies. Each family is covering a lie, keeping a lie, hiding a lie, telling a lie, spinning a lie, or creating a lie. 1,037 more words

Are GMOs 2.0 in your Food and Cosmetics?

Gene-silenced apples that never look old, synthetic stevia created with genetically engineered algae — these are just some of the new generation of GMOs companies are sneaking into food and consumer products. 100 more words

Pantaleon Alvarez Said: There's Someone Want Jaybee Sebastian To Be Silenced

In an interview with with Speaker Alvarez on Wednesday, Sept 28, he said that the riot in the NBP could be associated to the House of Justice Committee investigation into illegal drug trade in the National Bilibid Prison. 192 more words



Why is it that every time she speaks, no one seems to care anymore. Why is it that no one seems to see how uncomfortable she was, standing there, the microphone in her hand warming up far too quickly to be normal, her heart beating wildly in her chest, her face growing hotter and perhaps redder – she never knows, she couldn’t see herself – by the second, trying to finish what she stood up for. 263 more words

Psychic Paper And Butterbeer

The Rebellion Will Be Written (Poem)

I am silenced.

Burdened by society’s rules.

Keeping mum

When I want to do

Is cry out.

I am muted.

Told my two cents

Is not worth the oxygen. 42 more words