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Rohingya Refugee In Nine Year Visa Limbo

By Ollie Henderson (@ollie_hen)

After a lifetime of prosecution, Rohingya refugee, Habiburman, is still in limbo on an indefinite temporary protection visa, nine years after his arrival in Australia. 399 more words


Social Anxiety Rant

Social anxiety definitely puts up a barrier in platonic and romantic relationships, considering that communication is key. There would be instances where I literally cannot speak because my anxiety is so bad and it’d just be silent. 276 more words


For ‘filter’, read ‘censor’

I was about to update Instagram when I read this. Whilst no one can deny that bullying and harassment are unpleasant and undesirable, I have an issue with how Instagram are approaching this: How will they decide what constitutes bullying or harassment? 426 more words

Silenced - Nikita Gill

They only succeed 

in stealing your voice

if you give them


by silencing yourself.

By Nikita Gill

Gatorland waterski show team unexpectedly revisited

*photo taken by me of me with a piece of tape over my mouth word written “speak” about to be ripped off by me with make up tears running down my face. 1,005 more words

Are People Being Silenced on College Campuses?

Throughout my research, I read where most people who go to college turn more liberal over time. Not necessarily correct in my case for multiple reasons. 1,530 more words