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At Your Own Expense

Two people I know have recently had presentations accepted for conferences – which is fantastic for them, as the exposure may well improve their chances of getting work they actually enjoy, engage with, and are empowered by, rather than a daily drag that “pays the bills” (almost.) 527 more words

Silenced No More

It will be as if my mouth grew extra lips.

Each pair will spit words like justice, peace, and equality,

All things that Black Lives Matter stands for. 132 more words


History Reviewed: White Genocide – How Cops Are Silenced


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Whites must UNITE! Jan talks about Non-Governmental Organisations & the Jewish Secret Police (ADL+SPLC) and how they interfere with Policing. Then two Cops on radio discuss how Cops have no 1st Amendment Rights & also the illegal orders they are given and the manner in which Police are now “nationalized” or certified. 20 more words



through this “art” of writing
I’ve been attacked many times
which has only strengthened me
to write


" The Truth Of His Spirit Cannot Be Silenced "

It is only by the truth found in Christ that we are begotten of Him. This truth Paul knew and in a vision was told not to hold his peace for God was with him in Corinth and he preached there a year and six months. 402 more words


Silenced (Kaylia's Monologue)

Walking inside the building Kaylia was already ready to go back home. As she made her way to first period she felt herself fill with anxiety. 587 more words

Dear Princess

let the bugs fly

I’ve always tried to be nice and thought nice was interchangeable with kind, but now I’m thinking the two are quite distinct. I was taught that nice equates to good and was told, ‘if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. 277 more words