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Voices of Silence

Missing:  one voice, last heard ordering a coffee

I’ve never worried about being voiceless.  I don’t live in places where I find my voice silenced.  And yet suddenly that is exactly what has happened.   222 more words

Second face of SCHOOL

Maybe I don’t like school that much.

At school, they judge -not the teachers; they are paid to judge- but students.

That pissed me off. But NO. 131 more words


Enough Said

I don’t want to bare my soul any longer. It’s raw and bloody from exposure. Instead, I’d prefer to hide beneath the facade that I’ve created and let the rest believe what they choose. 52 more words

A Town Called Lonely


My insides are black and blue

bound by streaks of gold – over –

exposed charade of white


I swallow tears,

staple my lips shut so the… 19 more words


Swedish Minister Says 'Silenced' by Saudis at Arab League

The Swedish foreign minister accused Saudi Arabia of blocking her speech at an Arab League meeting Monday due to her stance on human rights in the region, Swedish media reported.

134 more words


No one cares

No one is listening

Stop wasting your breath

Stop wasting your words

Does anyone even notice

Does what you’re saying even matter… 129 more words