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Funko Friday: Silent Bob

This week’s edition of Funko Friday will honor the fictional local hero known as Silent Bob. Played with stoic charm by Red Bank-native Kevin Smith, whose 1994 black-and-white classic  375 more words


What Role Will Silent Bob Play in 'Moose Jaws'?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Kevin Smith announced that his last film, the atrocious Tusk was the start of what he calls his “True North Trilogy.” The next two installments will be… 345 more words


Silent Bob

 Michael never missed a beat. Even when he and his brother James were high as airplanes, and the whole world was moving too fast and too slow at the same time, and James was hopping all over the sidewalk, randomly spitting rhythms and rhymes and calling out, complimenting, every sweet piece to walk by, Michael kept his head. 147 more words


Heroes: Kevin Smith

One thing I’ve begun to notice when bringing up my favorite directors is that people always seem to nod in approval when mentioning The Coen Brothers, Edgar Wright, Spielberg, Nolan, Abrams, but every so often when the name Kevin Smith is uttered, often alongside Tarantino, about twenty to forty percent raise an eyebrow, or their face contorts into a look of questionable reasoning. 839 more words


Scooby Doo X Kiss Movie

by AJ Adejare

I appreciate Scooby Doo mainly because it’s a decent series that is not afraid to take things to the limit even with it’s limited plot.   48 more words

What's coming up (in April)

As another new feature for the site, we are going to try to being you some looks at comics that are coming out in the future!  1,138 more words

New Stuff

This is some of the new collectibles that have come in over the last few weeks!

In no particular order:

  • Chris Uminga Commission
  • Clerks – Steelbook (UK release)
  • 39 more words
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