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Back Into the Shadows

Part Six: Being the conclusion of our tale of madness and mayhem

Immediately after completing Les Vampires, Feuillade threw himself into his next feature, another original crime serial called… 2,441 more words

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Paris After Midnight

Part Five: Being a tale of apache gangs and the woman who ruled the Paris underworld

On August 3, 1914, Germany declared war on France. German forces had planned for a swift and overwhelming victory by circumventing the bulk of the French forces, which were amassed along the Franco-German border, and instead coming in across France’s border with Belgium. 4,315 more words

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Lightness and Dark

Part Four: Being a tale of a heroic stunt queen and the man-eating vamp

Needing to compete with a new slew of thrillers, most notably rival studio Pathé’s… 4,963 more words

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An Ungentlemanly Thief

Part Three: Being a tale of a hooded maniac obsessed with sowing anarchy and hiding bodies in wicker baskets

On July 15, 1905, the French magazine Je sais tout published the story… 2,910 more words

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Mary and the Monster

Part Two: Being a tale of tragic film stars and tragic monsters

“They say that some of Mary Fuller’s ancestors were born ‘neath Italy’s sunny skies, If such be true or no, I know not; but this I know is so – she has the most thrilling eyes that one can ever hope to see; eyes that set one a-dreaming of Venice, and of the days when Rome was mighty and her dark-eyed maids walked in soft melancholy down marbled avenues, thinking of some tall sons of Rome afar upon the frontiers with the legion.” 2,856 more words

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#25. The Eagle (1925)

It’s Friday afternoon right now and I watched The Eagle last night with a colleague in the abruptly-quiet last hour of what, to date, was probably the busiest eight-hour shift I’ve ever had at the college. 585 more words

20.11.16 - Napoleon's Invasion of Southbank

“Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Beethoven fera des films…toutes les légendes, toutes les mythologies et tous les mythes, tous les fondateurs de la religion, et les religions mêmes…attendent leur résurrection exposée, et les héros s’entassent à la porte.”

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