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Happy Birthday, Upton Sinclair!/The Jungle (1914)

Upton Sinclair was born on 20 September 1878. Let’s celebrate his birthday by enjoying this poster from the 1914 film adaptation of his great novel, … 7 more words


Silent Studies in the Kino - According to Tara

For a long time I thought I didn’t like silent cinema. It’s easy to be prejudiced against an era or a genre of film when your first encounter had you looking through the wrong keyhole. 724 more words


Part 3: Learning to Read Because of Silent Cinema

Children learn to read for different reasons. My reason might have made sense to children a hundred years ago but today it can easily be seen as archaic. 439 more words

High Treason: Looking forward to 1940 or reaching back to the Great War?

With our upcoming screening of High Treason at the Curzon in Clevedon on September 10th, we felt it necessary to get some words up on the website about this spectacular film. 2,205 more words

EFC II #40 - The Crowd (1928)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#40 – The Crowd (1928)
Dir. King Vidor
Starring: James Murray, Eleanor Boardman, Bert Roach, Estelle Clark, Daniel G. Tomlinson, Dell Henderson, Lucy Beaumont, Freddie Burke Frederick, Alice Mildred Puter… 55 more words

Epic Film Challenge

Check Out My Contribution to the Classic Movie History Project 2016!

I wrote an article about the wonderful German actress Ossi Oswalda and her Ernst Lubitsch-directed charmer, I Don’t Want to Be a Man (1918), for the Classic Movie History Project 2016. 22 more words


South West Silents Speak Up! Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925)

“There will be no further reason for a future production of Ben-Hur for the screen… Ben-Hur is a picture for all times!” Variety, 1925

It’s hard to think of the name Ben-Hur without thinking of the two accompanying names Charlton! 1,286 more words