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Un siglo después: Miradas del Imperio Otomano en Guanajuato

¿Cómo era el mundo a principios del siglo XX? ¿Qué emociones provocaban en el público las proyecciones de imágenes de lugares lejanos y exóticos? ¿Cómo era el oriente, cómo era el Estambul del Imperio Otomano? 576 more words


Movies watched on 7-15-15

Grandma’s Boy-This didn’t get nearly as many laughs as my previously-viewed Lloyd movie, but this did have a more “Aww, how sweet” feel to it. 53 more words


Unshaped Form to play Bello Bar

Unshaped Form will be presenting a night of musical and cinematic delights at the Bello Bar in Dublin, this Thursday night (July 16th).

Comprised by members of 3epkano, Unshaped Form provide live musical scores to inspiring films and shorts from the silent era of cinema. 94 more words


Movies watched on 7-12-15

Last Night-Interesting pre-apocalyptic comedy/drama. Didn’t expect it to get so serious near the end. BTW, David Cronenberg is actually a pretty good actor. I’m surprised he hasn’t acted in more films. 40 more words


Movies watched on 7-7-15

S.I.S-Well, this one sure had me fooled. It wasn’t until the final half hour that I was actually watching a made-for-tv movie. Which means this did a good job of feeling like a (R-rated) feature film! 51 more words


Bristol Silents Speak Up: Fantômas

Welcome to the first in a series of posts from our friends, Bristol Silents.

While we here in the video store can talk about Hal Hartley, 1980s horror and Nicolas Cage movies until well after closing time, we’re not so au fait with the silent stuff. 612 more words


The Tribe - Original Synaesthesia

The Tribe takes no prisoners. Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s latest film, set at a boarding school for deaf students, is told with no spoken dialogue, only in sign-language. 578 more words