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The Pleasure Garden

Madness, cruelty, voyeurism and murder all play their part in Hitchcock’s debut film from 1928. The Pleasure Garden is a delight. The basic premise of two charming innocents in ill-fated relationships with the wrong person is less straightforward than it would appear, but what gives the film its appeal are subtle touches of narrative style; my favourite was the juxtaposition of Jill being wined and dined by the Prince while her fiancé is sat waiting patiently over a cup of tea with her flatmate Patsy- which tell so much more. 305 more words

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Revolutions, cycling and cinema

By far the most striking film I have seen in the last year was the restoration of Abel Gance’s epic 1927 Napoleon. Running at just over five-and-a-half hours (although in early screenings the film apparently ran to around nine hours), it is an example of the level of exuberant formal experimentation and stylistic refinement achieved by European directors before the introduction of synchronised sound film in the late 1920s forced filmmakers to adopt a far less dynamic aesthetic. 325 more words

The Transformation of Naploeon: From 35mm to 9.5mm to Digital

We all knew that the release of Napoleon in a digital format was going to be a big event. Even bigger when it was announced that after the digital premiere at the Royal Festival Hall in early November that the rest of the country was going to get the chance to see the film in their local cinemas. 2,873 more words

LSFF: Silent cinema and deaf culture event at the ICA in January 2017

Are you making New Year’s resolutions this year? I am a big fan of them – I made one last year, and although it wasn’t easy I definitely followed through on it (BTW did I mention that I am freelance now? 436 more words

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Impossible Is Not French

Nothing prepares you for Abel Gance’s Napoleon, whether or not you’ve seen other 1920s masterworks of silent, modernist cinema, the likes of Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin… 1,173 more words
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Britain's Jazz Age Cinema

I delivered an illustrated lecture on British film in the 1920s for the Dilettanti arts society, covering the critical and industry debates over the cinema, the leading stars and most prominent directors, plus the race to produce the country’s first talkie. 17 more words

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FNC 2016: SUNRISE Cine-Concert

Sandro Forte for Cinetalk.net


There is a presentation of F.W Murnau’s American silent classic (winner of 3 well deserved Oscars) SUNRISE with live accompaniment at FNC this today. 145 more words

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