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Bristol Silents Speak Up: Fantômas

Welcome to the first in a series of posts from our friends, Bristol Silents.

While we here in the video store can talk about Hal Hartley, 1980s horror and Nicolas Cage movies until well after closing time, we’re not so au fait with the silent stuff. 612 more words


The Tribe - Original Synaesthesia

The Tribe takes no prisoners. Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s latest film, set at a boarding school for deaf students, is told with no spoken dialogue, only in sign-language. 578 more words



I remember the first time I’d seen Chaplin. We used to have a little figurine of his at my home in his signature black hat and black suit sitting on an uneven piece of rock with an innocent look on his face. 487 more words


Silencing Snow White: Blancanieves (Berger, 2012) (BAFTSS 3rd Annual Conference 2015)

As described in my last post, I recently attended the 3rd annual BAFTSS conference at Manchester Metropolitan University (16th-18th April 2015).  While my last post provided an overview of my experience at the conference, in this post I discuss my panel and presentation in more detail. 1,262 more words


Movies watched on 6-7-15

Cosmos:War of the Planets-Bad movie, but it sure has some great cheese. Hard to believe it was made as late as 1977. It looked like it was made about 15 years earlier. 92 more words


3) The Forbidden Room / Camera Interzisă - 4 stars

Guy Maddin spent too much time watching Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE and got stuck there.

This was my immediate, superficial reaction to The Forbidden Room, which did feel on first glance like a (shit?) tangential-Lynch sequence. 251 more words

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Movies watched on 6-1-15

Fury-Aside from gore and plenty of f-bombs, this doesn’t really bring anything new to the contemporary WWII flick. Still worth watching if you’ve got nothing else to do for the day. 43 more words