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The Man Who Brought Magic to the Movies

This is my entry in Movies Silently‘s Shorts Blogathon. Make sure to check out the other entries!

There are few filmmakers that are or were as inventive and magical as French director, actor, and magician Georges Méliès. 1,368 more words


Master of the House (1925) Carl Theodor Dreyer...

In brief: Deceptively simple, Dreyer displays a mastery of his craft that is anything but and, if the film’s final message feels a tad “easy”, it helps that it is ensconced in a firm fairy-tale universality… 921 more words


Minisode: Spanking Breezes (1926)

As part of the great Movies Silently‘s Shorts! blogathon, MikeD, Darrill and Lindsay watched the two-reel comedy Spanking Breezes.

Plot: Alice Day‘s family spends time on a boat. 64 more words


Scary Silents: “The Red Spectre”

Top of the afternoon, minions! I just realized I hadn’t posted anything in either of my movie series for several days, and I felt sorta bad about that. 2,222 more words

Cult Film

FASHION MONTH! 'Our Dancing Daughters' (1928)

So this month is Fashion Month on the FaceBook version of my friend Monty’s blog All Good Things. Every Month he organises a new topic to discuss and four of us Classic film lovers take it in turns to write something related. 564 more words

Classic Hollywood

Charlie Chaplin in CAUGHT IN THE RAIN (1914) - Have you ever seen a dream sleepwalking?

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

In a park, a tipsy Charlie tries to make time with a woman (Alice Davenport) alone on a park bench, until the woman’s wife (Mack Swain) returns and settles the matter for good. 201 more words


Roscoe Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin THE KNOCKOUT (1914) - Doesn't have as much punch as it should

The Knockout is not a Chaplin short per se. It is also not a knockout by any means.

It’s primarily a vehicle for Roscoe Arbuckle. He plays “Pug,” a genial sort who, for reasons I still haven’t sorted out even after seeing the movie, gets talked into a boxing match against a prizefighter named Cyclone Flynn (Edgar Kennedy). 79 more words