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Buster Keaton: Symmetry of Laughter

“The simplest way of filming action is, of course, the hardest: you have to do it for real. gives us not a suggestion or an interpretation of an action, but the thing itself. 49 more words

Silent Film

Rest in Peace, Pola Negri

Dearest Pola Negri died 28 years ago today. I write this with all my being: she lived one hell of a life. It was a hard life involving wars, tragedy, loneliness and poverty. 629 more words


Silent Script

I wrote this script to explore the necessity of dialogue in film. I loved the idea of turning a boys imagination into a dialogue free motion picture, and so it became a short film, sans dialogue, that in production would mix live action and animation. 28 more words

The Phantom Carriage

Released:  1921

Cast:  Victor Sjöström, Hilda Borgström, Tore Svennberg

SUMMARY:  On New Year’s Eve, Edit, a Salvation Army sister, is on her deathbed, attended by her mother and fellow Sister, Maria.  1,050 more words

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die


Today is the birthday of Theda Bara who was huge film star of the silent era. Her movie studio, Fox Films, told everyone that she was the daughter of a French woman and an Arab sheik who was born in the shadow of the Sphinx. 403 more words

#brilliant Americans


News that the classic Nosferatu is to be remade again, this time by Hollywood, gave me the creeps. So I wrote this piece for the Guardian film site.


Summer's almost gone!

Okay, wow. At midnight some ten hours ago, I felt like checking my sweet dear blog. Once I did, I noticed that it had changed. What I mean is that my theme had gone back to its default mode. 848 more words