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The Death of Silent Hills and Some New Stuff!

The Death of Silent Hills

As most of you know by now, Silent Hills has been cancelled. Let’s take a moment of silence for that… 1,087 more words


Ink Ribbon #3 - Silent Hill 2 LP, Project Zomboid and lawyers

Bit of a short week this week as I’ve been away since Friday visiting some family down south. Four months ago my sister gave birth to a little baby boy, Thomas. 1,954 more words

Ink Ribbons

Ink Ribbon #2 - Dying Light, Game of Thrones and Silent Hill 2

So here we are at week number two. I imagine many of you, including myself, never thought we’d get this far. :p But this week has actually flown by and there’s plenty to talk about so let’s get right into it. 1,948 more words

Ink Ribbons

Silent Hill Book of Memories

I’m going to sum up exactly how I feel about this game in three words so you guys know what you’re getting into – This game exists. 802 more words

Video Game

Some of my favorite games of all time

Just a list I felt like putting together. I’m sure I left some out, but these are the games I keep coming back to:

1) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker… 73 more words


My Top 5 Games of 2013…In a few posts. (Part 4)

#2…THE END IS NIGH Game: Heavy Rain Developer: Quantic Dream

This review blog is going to not only give my views but some of the history behind this game. 2,524 more words

The Secret Post