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Lessons to Practice #4: The Crux that is Theme

Welcome back readers and fellow bloggers! I’m excited to bring another important topic to the table as part of my Lessons to Practice series: Theme… 568 more words

Young Adult

Trigger Warning! Silent Hill 2 – Angela Orosco and the Long Term Effects of Abuse

[“Trigger Warning” – is a piece dedicated to showcasing video games which focus on mental disorders as well as emotional and psychological trauma. It is my hope as a lifelong gamer and sufferer of various psychological disorders to combine my greatest passion with my greatest weakness to benefit the gaming community at large. 1,945 more words


Greatest Survival Horror Video Games Of All Time

Since the likes of Sweet Home and Alone in the Dark – both games or franchises that have since fell completely by the wayside – survival horror has been one of the most consistently enjoyable and popular genres of them all. 707 more words


Inkling Video Game Review: Silent Hill HD Collection

Over the years, there have been many video games that have caught my interest but have never really gotten around to playing. Some reasons are because they were an exclusive title on a console that I didn’t have, or I was deemed too young to play a potentially indecent game by my doting parents. 1,140 more words

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How Silent Hill 2 shines as a horror title after all these years.

Well here it goes, my first blog post with actual content. I decided since I’m just now starting this, I should do something that’s fresh in my mind, and actually it’s a 16 year old game that’s been consuming my thoughts lately. 1,026 more words


Opened World: Nostalgia Ultra

Like other coming-of-age “last hurrah” adventures including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Superbad, Oxenfree maintains a delicate atmosphere of apprehension, the lingering disquiet of friends who know that this may be the last time they have together before moving out from high school. 163 more words

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