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In addition to the very work of criticism, the review of a video game is confronted with another specific difficulty. This difficulty may be external to the video game as an object, it is still, for us now, inherent to the project of regarding video games as works of art. 6,043 more words


Netflix Horror Movie Marathon: June Edition

Gonna marathon the “Suggestions For You” line. First up: THE ABANDONED. Aggregate Netflix Rating: 1.5/5 stars. pic.twitter.com/BS404pb3Fs

— Rhiannimator (@rhiannimator) June 16, 2016

I love horror.

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Art Appreciation

Gaming | My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Console RPGs

It’s been two months since I started blogging, but I’ve yet to write about one of my biggest hobbies; gaming! I’ve been a console gamer since the age of 4 when I received my very own PSOne, and, as you can imagine, I have played a whole lot of video games, so it’s high-time I introduced gaming as a category on my blog. 2,126 more words


Silent Hill 2: The Hospital

Our YouTube channel, Castle Arcade, is playing Silent Hill 2. This horror masterpiece has helped define what it means to be a survival horror game. 10 more words


Silent Hill 2. Konami (2001) Playstation 2

I wanted to write something deeply profound here.

I wanted to say I want all games to be like Silent Hill 2.

But I can’t, for reasons that will hopefully become apparent. 1,726 more words


A Line

Before you start:

The following text uses various symbols, colours, fonts and other means of expression that I simply could not display properly within WordPress. Due to that, this piece of writing is in picture form. 30 more words


Don't Party Hard

“Party Hard intrigued me with its aesthetics and core mechanical concept (and to be honest, I really liked its title). One Steam reviewer described the game as “ 362 more words