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6 Quality Story Focused First Person Shooter Video Games

First Person Shooter is a genre commonly popular for its multiplayer experience and for the last 10 years FPS games have taken over the market in terms of player base and revenue. 864 more words


Freaks of Color: Top 5 Horror Games To Play This Halloween

Another Halloween has arrived as creepy costumes and carved pumpkins flood social media, we have decided to add to the festival with a top five list of our favourite horror games. 1,107 more words


A Love Ballad Inspired by Silent Hill 2: "Richtung Lichtung" by Ali As

One of the most timeless features of the Silent Hill video game series is the haunting soundtrack that, while of course containing disturbing pieces meant to terrify the player during frightening scenes, also has some rather beautiful pieces reminiscent of pleasant dreams. 1,113 more words

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Tips or Trivia- Silent Hill 2: James's Monsters


The Silent Hill series is full of body horror monsters. They’re creatures of nightmare fuel. Generally each monster is the way it is, due to the character it is hounding. 676 more words

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The Evil Within 2: 5 Other Survival Horror Games

The Evil Within 2 might be the newest kid on the block as far as survival horror games go, but the genre has been around for many years now, and has given some great horror experiences. 696 more words

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Gaming Retrospective - Silent Hill 2

The immediacy of video games as a medium in many ways lends itself to horror. After all, the player’s on-screen avatar is, in a way, an extension of themselves in a way that a movie character is not – you control them, you make their choices. 1,430 more words