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Silent Hill 2. Konami (2001) Playstation 2

I wanted to write something deeply profound here.

I wanted to say I want all games to be like Silent Hill 2.

But I can’t, for reasons that will hopefully become apparent. 1,616 more words


A Line

Before you start:

The following text uses various symbols, colours, fonts and other means of expression that I simply could not display properly within WordPress. Due to that, this piece of writing is in picture form. 30 more words


Don't Party Hard

“Party Hard intrigued me with its aesthetics and core mechanical concept (and to be honest, I really liked its title). One Steam reviewer described the game as “ 362 more words

Silent Hill 2: A Redshirt Review

I previously talked about the Silent Hill franchise overall, and my anger at how Konami reacted with Silent Hills and the departure of Hideo Kojima from their company. 767 more words

Vidya Gaems

Monstrous Spaces in a Sea of Fog: Silent Hill 2 and the Pathetic Fallacy in Video Games

Foreword: I originally wrote this academic paper some time in 2013 and revised it in 2015, and it was republished at the UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal… 110 more words

Previous Save Data

The Best and the Worst Video Game Twists

previously published on 30plusgamer, a no longer active site

Twists can add a real umph to whatever you are experiencing, they can also completely cut it down and leave you wanting. 1,118 more words

Video Games

The Thing about Moral Ambiguity

There’s something about moral ambiguity in literature that gets me. While others may be comfortable with the idea of a hero, a villain, and a love interest, I’d want my characters—especially the hero—to be… 636 more words