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Silent Hill 3 Review (X-Box 360 HD Version)

Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the original game & puts players in control of Heather, a 17 year old girl who has a very dark secret. 732 more words

The Disc

2012 GOTY Awards: Biggest Disappointment

Sometimes you can be extremely excited about something in the games industry that it blinds you to the possibility of disappointment. When this happens, the disappointment can be crushing, making you rethink your outlook to the future. 340 more words

2012 Game Of The Year Awards

2012 GOTY Awards: Worst Game of the Year

No one in their right mind actually wants to play bad video games, especially if you have to review them. It becomes this burden on your shoulders that you really can get no joy from whatsoever. 312 more words

2012 Game Of The Year Awards

Retrospective: Silent Hill 3

About a month ago, I saw Silent Hill: Revelation, and shortly thereafter wrote of my (massive, crushing)¬†disappointment with the film. As a big fan of the… 2,035 more words

Playstation 3

1 Year of Inner Fear

Over a year ago, at the same moment I was knowing, for the first time, that a Silent Hill HD Collection was being produced for Playstation 3 (exclusevly), I’ve decided to do something to bring it to the Xbox 360 console as well! 792 more words

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Silent Hill HD Collection Swapsies.

The Xbox 360 vision of Silent Hill HD Collection has suffered it’s fair share of problems since it’s release, and while PS3 owners of the game have received a new patch earlier this week that fixes many of these glitches no such update was provided to 360 owners. 567 more words