Konami Hasn't Been Konami For Ages

What happened to Konami? No, really. What happened to them? In just a few days, we’ve seen signs of the legendary gaming company imploding. From the news that they’re cancelling Silent Hills and pulling out P.T. 675 more words

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Silent Hills development canceled

Last year in August the teaser for Silent Hills, labeled P.T. (or Playable Teaser), was released by Konami and gave everyone who downloaded this demo one of the most chilling frights in recent horror gaming history. 259 more words


Going out on a high note

Silent Hills is no more.  Or, depending on who you ask, it never was.  But we had P.T. (playable teaser) and it captured a great deal of attention and imagination in trying to solve the game’s puzzles.   344 more words


Silent Hill

Hi, all!

Today, as promised, we have another presentation in the form of not a company, but a game series, Silent Hill!

Just click the hyperlink below to download. 52 more words

Boxart Mania

A 'Silent Hills' Online Petition Already Has Over 50,000 Signatures

It was only last week that we reported on Konami’s cancellation of Silent Hills. Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus were attached to the video game reboot that would have brought the… 259 more words


Geek Speak #12: 'Dragon Ball Super' Blows Up 'Silent Hills'


Welcome to the twelfth episode of Geek Speak! This time, Steve uses his crystal ball to predict a live-action American Dragon: Jake Long and Beauty and the Beast crossover. 130 more words

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Silent Hills - Cancelled

I am sad to announce a real tragedy – Silent Hills is officially no more! I am so angry at Konami and the base in a way I can’t articulate properly at this moment. 632 more words

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