Game Review: Claire: Extended Cut (Xbox One)

Claire: Extended Cut is a 2D pixelated horror title from Hailstorm Games that drops you into the shoes of a young woman called Claire. A psychological horror, this is a journey into Claire’s past, the uncovering of a truth as we witness the unravelling of her psyche. 500 more words

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Horror Vs Surprise, Why The Horror Genre Is Dying

There was once a time where survival horror games reigned supreme. Games like Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Clock Tower, and Silent Hill brought dread to millions of gamers over the years. 727 more words


5 Most Terrifying Jumpscares in Video Game History

The average player will know to be wary when the music drops and your measured footsteps become audible in a horror game. Left to your own devices, everything becomes a threat. 684 more words


[Analyse] Les Jeux d'Horreur doivent être simples.

Depuis des semaines, des mois, peut être même un an, j’ai Alien: Isolation qui traîne dans mon Backlog Steam. En fan de la licence, il était certain que j’allais un jour m’y frotter… Mais à la sortie du jeu, ce que j’en avais vu ne m’avait pas vraiment plu, si bien que j’avais repoussé mon achat aux soldes, puis laissé le jeu de côté en attendant la bonne occasion de le faire. 1,571 more words


Game Watch: Resident Evil Biohazard

RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD || Yesterday saw the release of a trailer for the latest installment in the Resident Evil video games series. This time around, zombies or “mutant creatures” do not appear to be your biggest concern as the franchise goes first person for the first time in its history. 233 more words

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Footage From Cancelled Silent Hill Game Emerges

So, some footage from a scrapped Silent Hill game for the PS3 from 2006 has emerged. Entitled Silent Hill: Broken Covenant, the game would’ve been an exclusive for the console developed by Climax. 282 more words

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