More and More Games!

The video game industry has been stepping up its game (hehe, pun!). I already saw three games that I want to get!

Konami had to cancel  84 more words


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Popular Movie Director Guillermo Del Toro Says “Fuck Konami” – https://wp.me/p5UbB5-4YI

Video Games

Why The Cancelled Silent Hill Could Have Been A Masterpiece

Sometimes, it’s for no reason whatsoever, or as a consequence of stupendous mismanagement, budgeting or general incompetence. Sometimes, the game in question is much anticipated, but that alone isn’t always enough to guarantee its survival. 185 more words


Today's NaNoWriMo Writing Jam

Hello and good evening! As I work on my daily 1,600 words tonight, I thought I’d share the song that I currently have on repeat. This one comes from the great horror composer Akira Yamaoka, who infused the  23 more words


The Sound of Immersion

Immersion is what makes a video game great. It is usually behind the feeling of being at one with the game world, the one-more-turn syndrome that makes you forget reality, the jump scares when something attacks your character… Efficient immersion can be achieved though many tools, but let’s focus on one today: sound. 447 more words

Contextual & Theoretical Studies

"Not Tomorrow" (Lisa Dies) - Silent Hill (Piano)

Video #3 – Here is one of my all time favourites and well respected video upload of “Not Tomorrow (Lisa Dies)” from the psychological horror video game, Silent Hill!


"True" - Silent Hill 2 (Piano)

Video #2 – Here is the first ever Silent Hill piano cover I uploaded onto my YouTube channel, which is called“True” from the psychological horror video game, Silent Hill 2! 13 more words