Digital Death (part 3)

Level 3: The worst town ever!!

Boy, 1999 was a crazy year for me! I had a steady job, both the Matrix and Phantom Menace had come out (screw you guys! 1,683 more words

Christian Laforet

RETURN TO SILENT HILL [Silent Hill Revelation 3D Review]

RETURN TO SILENT HILL! Remember a few days ago when I wrote about Silent Hill and how it was a fantastic video game to film adaptation? 1,027 more words


Editing fun times

I’ve been chipping away at the next chapter for Gravity this last week and a half and it’s a tough one.  I wanted to get an update out every week but this piece has a mind of it’s own.   358 more words


Day 5.

Think about the worst place you’ve ever been. Cover it in something cold and sticky. Introduce it to your ex boyfriend. Then hate it a little more. 274 more words

Silent Hill, PA

A lot of people don’t think Pennsylvania is much of an exciting state. Parts of it can be beautiful, especially up towards New York, but there is one fantastically unique place in the heart of the state: Centralia. 442 more words

Silent Hill: My personal take...

I started playing the series before it even became a series, back on my trusty PSone. It was a game an old friend recommend to me and I cannot thank him enough for it. 617 more words


From Console to Screen

I’m a child of the SNES era, well, my first video game console was the NES but I don’t remember too much from that system sticking with me. 711 more words