Silent Hill: Revelation

Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Harry (Sean Bean) are on the run and she suffers from petrifying nightmares. When her father goes missing she realises not all is as it seems. 108 more words


New Retro News: Aug 28

This week’s news round up has a theme of ‘when old becomes new’ just like the site!

  • Turok’s Back – Enhanced release of 90’s dino shooter announced!
  • 389 more words

Silent Hill: A Review of the Classics

With horror games now a buzz among Youtube Let’s Players these days, I decided to take a look back at one of the classics: the original Silent Hill. 611 more words

Supernatural/Silent Hill Fan Fiction Part 6

Castiel stood in the bathroom of the second story of the Visitor’s Center. It was covered in years of dust. 39 years of dust to be exact. 1,217 more words

Fan Fiction

Blaugust Day 26 - Boo!

This coming October has become something of a blessing to me in terms of video gaming.  Joel Bylos has announced a standalone game based on one of my favorite areas in The Secret World, and fans of the game will likely know what area when I give the title. 822 more words

Nerdy Things

The Making of "Stonebrood," Part 3

Note: This is the last of three posts in which I discuss how I conceived and wrote my novelette “Stonebrood,” the lead story in the October issue of… 1,092 more words


Supernatural/Silent Hill Fan Fiction Part 5

CAS! Dean’s desperation stung Castiel’s head like a metal spike. Castiel was now in the street outside of the Visitor’s Center that Dean had just met Pyramid Head on the second floor. 1,226 more words