5 Must-Play Halloween Games

Take your pants off before playing, otherwise they’ll be scared off…

I remember the first time I played Resident Evil on the original Playstation. It was 1996, I was 12 years old and I was scared even looking at the cover art. 1,388 more words


Looking over Silent Hill

So I recently played through Silent Hill for the first time over on my Twitch channel. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to play it because… well… I’m epileptic, and though I actually love playing horror games (especially ones with more psychological aspects than the usual cheap scare) they tend not to be  designed with epileptic triggers in mind (not that games… 502 more words

Walking Disaster

I look in the mirror only to hear your words

Seeing a distorted reflection from the aftermath of shattered love

Mindless glances from being engulfed in depression… 172 more words


Scattered thoughts on tie-in novel adaptations

When I did my first complete play through of Final Fantasy VIII I was maybe 14. It was and is still my favorite installment in the series; VIII’s story and universe was so sprawling it gave off a feeling that none of what happened was in a vacuum; there was a feeling of synchronicity, that overworld events in the campaign and in side missions were happening all the time and when you happened upon a scripted sequence you just wandered into something that had been going on already. 913 more words

On Writing

Spooktacular 2016 - Silent Hill 2

I think it’s safe to say that there was a time when there existed two kinds of survival-horror gamers, those who preferred Resident Evil and those who preferred… 349 more words


Silent Hill

Καλησπέρα μπανάνες!  :) Ώρα για θρίλερ.

Welcome to Silent Hill

Λοιπόν είχαμε όρεξη για μια ταινία πέρα από τα κλασσικά ακούσαμε καλά λόγια και ορίστε.Το … 14 more words