Silent Hill para Chavistas

Muchos se preguntan cómo será el final para los corruptos que han destruido Venezuela, aquí les traigo la respuesta: 

Cuando estas basofias vayan muriendo, ni cuenta se darán porque caerán, sin poder evitarlo, en un lugar muy conocido por los amantes del terror, nada más y nada menos que Silent Hill. 207 more words


Dead Pixels: Ranking the "Silent Hill" series.

The “Silent Hill” series has been a mainstay of the horror gaming community since it was first released on the Sony Playstation in 1999. The “Silent Hill” franchise has spawned 2 films, 9 home console releases, an arcade game, a mobile phone game, and one hell of a demo for the later cancelled, “Silent Hills”. 3,929 more words


5 Game Moments That Gave Us Mini Heartattacks

Silent Hill was one of the first horror games we got to experience on PS1 when we were very much younger than now, thinking we can handle a horror game just to brag around our friends that we played an adult game as we called it 17 years ago. 288 more words


OpinionatedDavid: Pokemon: GO Is A Record-Breaker. What Comes Next?


Hi, I’m David. I’m 22 years old, and I don’t like Pokemon

Okay, that’s slightly unfair. I’ve never actively disliked Pokemon. I played the first gen games and watched the anime way back when, and while I can’t exactly remember what my feelings towards them were, I guess I must’ve found them okay. 1,417 more words



This crazy, mixed-up world has got me used to the strangest things.


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Pre-Alpha Preview: Project Discord — GameSpew

After discovering Project Discord, an upcoming indie Survival Horror title, while researching a piece on the future of the classic genre, I did a shout-out for them.

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