Interview: Paratopic, meeting a serial killer and KMFDM

Paratopic is a strange game. Since last Wednesday and up to this date, it has remained firm on the Top Sellers of itch.io, introduced as a really short but impactful first person experience, mixing elements of horror with mistery and action. 2,682 more words


Console Consolations

Ever been to your friend’s house and they’ve bought a new video game? They hype it up, put in the disc/cartridge and you two anxiously watch the spinning wheel of the loading screen. 553 more words


Francis Bacon, Inspiration for generations of horror visuals

Annoyingly, Bacon the artist and Bacon the playwright contemporaneous with Shakespeare have the same damned name. This confused me for a long time, and here I was thinking this mad painting was done in the 1500s! 68 more words


Running through Silent Hill: On Writing

I have this obsession lately with the movie Silent Hill.* I wrote about my fondness for the film in a previous entry (“Refilling the Tank” 519 more words


Refilling the Tank: Top it off, Johnny!

As an introvert and a writer, I need rest and creative refueling like I require water. Rest for introverts (at least for me) includes digging a hole in my backyard like the Russian saints of yore and camping out with some PB & J sandwiches and Gatorade. 383 more words


Nerd Rant - Silent Hill: First Impression

Hey, ArtzDeeva here! It’s the first nerd rant today, and I’m so excited! But man, is this first one going to be interesting. Keep in mind, this is just a  676 more words


Silent Hill by Konami

Reviewed by: Jonathan B.
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Originally Posted: 5.20.12

Game or Movie First:


What we got into:

Well, Silent Hill is a popular video game series which became a movie which is definitely a thing. 1,799 more words

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