Lessons to Practice #7: The Essence of Setting

Tonight I have setting on my mind. Not just its importance or its definition, but its essence. What makes a setting? Is it a specific physical location? 684 more words


It's movie marathon day: video games!

Thanks to my boyfriend, now I’m an average video games addicted. What do I like the most? Hearthstone, The Witcher III, Ori and the Blind Forest, I’m also trying the beta of Gwent, but I’m not so good at it. 203 more words


Assassin's Creed (2016) Review

Video games and films. Two very similar types of entertainment that both require the same amount of effort when it comes to making them. You would think that video game films would be a walk in the park, but sadly they are anything but. 817 more words


Friday Favorites #5: Best Video Game Intros

1. Soul Blade/Edge

This intro has it all: gorgeous graphics and music, and action. The CGI character models actually look years ahead of most games of the time. 510 more words

Video Games

Horror: A Genre where Virtual Reality Shines

The Shining is creepy. Other than a detailed exposition that sets up the film’s premise in its first 20 minutes, the audience is engulfed in a creepy and eery vibe for two entire hours. 698 more words

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and the Ever Combining Worlds of Media

Konami, one of Japan’s video gaming giants, recently had what can be called a minor coup. Its top producers, Hideo Kojima, scraped up a large portion of the company’s talents under him as well as the horror-genre sequel  461 more words

Virtual Reality