Silent Hill

Into the fire she swallowed their hate!

Year Released : 2006

Director : Christophe Gans

Cast : Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Alice Krige, Deborah Unger and Jodelle Ferland… 888 more words

Film Review

HALLOWEEN'ING Day 19: Silent Hill

As survival horror video games go, the first installment in the long-running Silent Hill franchise was something of an innovator when it was released in 1999. 186 more words


Horror Gaming Moments: What Scared Us the Most?

During the Halloween season, there’s lots of talk about favorite Horror video games. We’ve even covered this before, presenting a list of games other than Resident Evil and Silent Hill… 833 more words


Playlist: Bloody Bacon

By Nola Elliffe

This haunting Halloween playlist pays homage to horror movies old and new. Friday the 13th doesn’t have to be a bloody mess. 77 more words


31 scary movie moments - The siren in Silent Hill (2006)

The whole of Silent Hill is terrifying – Hellooooo Pyramid Head – but what really gets us is the ominous sound of the air raid siren which signals it’s time to run. 23 more words

Happy Tuesday Players! We have another cameo by our favorite graphic artist, Emily and twice this week! Emily is an advent Horror Gaming fan so I wanted her to help out with this week’s Rankings post! 1,500 more words

Video Games

Hellraiser: Pinhead and other Monsters from Pop Culture

One of the most terrifying cinematic monsters of all was given to us in Hellraiser, returning to UK cinemas this week, in Pinhead. More on him in a minute but we thought with the bald-headed beauty back terrorising people all over again, after doing so for thirty years, that this might be a good time to look at some of the best monsters in cinematic and TV pop culture. 798 more words