Far Harbor is kinda like Silent Hill...

Fallout 4 and Silent Hill are both completely different franchises, genre’s and even designs. However, many players of Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the newest and biggest expansion pack to any Bethesda role playing game, say that the add on adds many things very similar to a Silent Hill game. 247 more words

Cancelled Horror Games - Chapter 1: Cold Heart

Ever since the early 90’s, Survival Horror has been a major genre in gaming, easily making its mark on the gaming world with popularity similar to Simulation, Sports Games and Role Playing. 668 more words

Silent Hill 2. Konami (2001) Playstation 2

I wanted to write something deeply profound here.

I wanted to say I want all games to be like Silent Hill 2.

But I can’t, for reasons that will hopefully become apparent. 1,616 more words


Games That Could Have Been Great

There are a number of games out there that hold so much potential. They are games that vary in execution, some of them are actually good while others are down right horrible. 1,022 more words

Video Games

The Park: Video Game Review

Available on Playstation 4, XBOX One, and Windows/Steam

Amusement parks. Generally seen as a place teeming with fun and happiness. A place percolating with childlike wonderment and excitement around every corner. 1,259 more words

Chad The Chipmunk

Essay "Gothic influence in Popular Culture: Video games"


“In this essay I will speak about gothic fiction, and especially gothic horror in video games, as an evolution of the gothic literature which was characterized by gloomy and dark atmosphere, obscure settings with solitary ruined buildings and repressed memories. 175 more words