Most Rarest & Expensive Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games

PS4 is a new gaming console and by new, I mean the latest one. I am not going round and round and this time straight to the topic. 618 more words


The Fog

Look how thick the fog was this morning!

I love the fog. It’s creepy and peaceful. I almost went into the cemetery to take photos of the headstones in the fog but so didn’t want to be late to my Parent’s House.

Winter 2018

Year in review & Self promo: Game-dev edition

So I finally started releasing my own video games. Who didn’t, right? After years of stagnant pursuits in indie development, I finally got some self motivation and entangled in endeavors with some very talented people online. 2,031 more words

Do Not Let Anxiety Re-wire Your Mind

Whether this is taken as a piece of armour to wear into the week or whether it’s taken as a word of good will in the moment, I wanted to tell you that it’s going to be okay. 572 more words


Team Silent and Combating Technical Limitations

A couple of months ago I reviewed The Broken Paragon by our very own Jonny ‘Steaksauce’ Lupsha. I loved every thing about this book, and not just because he is a very good close personal friend, but it dealt with my favourite subject Silent Hill amongst other games. 1,621 more words


111 - The Final Station

I’m not, as a rule, a huge fan of zombie stories. It’s difficult to have come of age in the early 2000s and not be bored by the walking dead, or The Walking Dead: For a while, it seemed that every damn movie or game was about zombies. 1,429 more words


Claudia Wolf: a Character Analysis of Silent Hill 3's Tragic Pharisee

“I can picture a place where everybody feels it too.

It might be fiction, but I’m seeing ahead!

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do…there’s nothing I wouldn’t do!”

1,475 more words