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Jazz in a Silent Movie

Feet moving inside my heart, knees a jostle,

Jazzin’ up my earbuds in java land amidst

Caffeinated denizens sporting mute stares,

A secret brain wrinkle, wet and colonized, 78 more words


Buster Keaton in NEIGHBORS (1920) - Wherefore art thou, Buster?

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Neighbors, as is fairly obvious from the get-go, is Romeo and Juliet set in a tenement. Just as obviously (knowing who co-wrote, -directed, and starred in the movie), Buster isn’t given to long soliloquies; he is going to act upon his impulses, not discuss them in iambic pentameter. 303 more words


Buster Keaton in CONVICT 13 (1920) - Comedy that earns its stripes

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Golf and prison life were two fertile subjects for comedy (Laurel & Hardy used both motifs, the latter more than once). 309 more words

Silent Movie

Charlie Chaplin in A FILM JOHNNIE (1914) - Inside-the-studio humor

The minimal plot of A Film Johnnie is that Charlie, as an outsider, sneaks inside the Keystone Studios during work hours and generally wreaks havoc on the movies being filmed. 69 more words

Silent Movie

Laurel & Hardy in WITH LOVE AND HISSES (1927) - Regulation comedy

As seems appropriate for a movie that derives most of its comedy from offensive odors, With Love and Hisses mostly stinks. As L&H’s Flying Elephants… 213 more words

Silent Movie

ANNIE LAURIE-1916 silent film


Synopsis: A romance set in Scotland where a gentleman gets married to a peasant’s niece who then falls in love with his nephew, loosely based on the poem Annie Laurie by William Douglas. 382 more words

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Scary Silents: "The Sealed Room"

It’s time for another scintillating installment of Scary Silents, kiddos! As I mentioned in my last post, today I’m going to be discussing the eleven-minute D.W. 2,609 more words

Edgar Allan Poe