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Charlie Chaplin in CRUEL, CRUEL LOVE (1914) - A cruel attempt at comedy

The girlfriend of Charlie (here sporting a two-pronged mustache) mistakenly believes he has been flirting with her maid and says she never wants to see him again. 77 more words


Laurel & Hardy in FROM SOUP TO NUTS (1928) - Long live Anita Garvin!

If anyone doubts Laurel & Hardy vet Anita Garvin’s place in film-comedy immortality, witness her comedic contributions to L&H’s From Soup to Nuts, in which she develops an entire routine out of a tiara and a maraschino cherry. 245 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THAT'S MY WIFE (1929) - Hold on to your wig

That’s My Wife is one of those films that truly puts Laurel & Hardy’s characterizations to the test. Decades of stale sitcoms have long worn thin the man-masquerading-as-a-woman-for-trite-reasons comedy cliche. 259 more words


Underwear Man (2003 Student Film)

This is a short film from sometime around 2002-2004. I recently found the only copy of this I own, I had completely forgot about it! There was no audio on the DVD I found, the assignment might have been to make a silent movie with sound effects, or that may be have been the intention because since there was no dialogue, I’m assuming that was the plan.  33 more words

Charlie Chaplin in IN THE PARK (1915) - Park and recreation

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Chaplin once famously said, “All I need to make a comedy are a park bench, a cop, and a pretty girl.” Perversely, in In the Park, to that formula Chaplin adds the pretty girl’s boyfriend (Bud Jamison, beau to Edna Purviance), a pickpocket (Billy Armstrong), and a passionate couple (Leo White and Leona Anderson). 161 more words


Charlie Chaplin in HIS FAVORITE PASTIME (1914) - His unfunny drunk act

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

His Favorite Pastime already shows that the anarchism, if you will, of Chaplin’s character isn’t that funny unless there is something for it to work against. 195 more words

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Buster Keaton in HARD LUCK (1921) - Hard luck for anyone expecting a coherent comedy

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Hard Luck is a strange bird indeed. Although Buster Keaton dubbed it his favorite of all his short subjects, it was considered a “lost film” for many years. 445 more words