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The Friday Night Death Slot - Heebie Jeebies!! - Silent movie role!

The character of Marjorie in the Heebie Jeebies segment of the Friday Night Death Slot indie feature film was my all time favourite role to play in this film. 155 more words


I Can't Stay Silent About This Movie

I saw the 1922 silent horror movie Nosferatu tonight, but rather than stay silent, I have some salient comments. 239 more words


A Brief Word About the BFI London Film Festival 2017

Each year in October, the London Film Festival takes place, and each year I endeavour to see as many movies as I can within – usually – a five day period. 411 more words


9/25/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day working at New Mexico Tech.

My biggest task was preparing for instrumentation lab.  The number of students in my lab doubled from last semester to this one, so I need twice as much equipment.   120 more words


The Last Warning (1929)

Good silent film about a theatre that may be haunted by a murdered actors’ ghost. If you’re not into silents you still may like this one. 357 more words