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The Final Poem in the Silent Retreat Series.

This poem is from the last meditation we experienced at the Silent Retreat. I can see in retrospect I have come a long way. Now I am going to take a break for a couple of weeks to go to the beach and to visit my mother. 124 more words


Mindfulness, Ashrams, Trauma and Other Side-Effects

Response to my friend who sent me a great article on mindfulness and it’s possible side-effects. See there original email and linked article. They inspired this response. 723 more words


Officially Gone for Awhile

Have started an online silent retreat with Mooji.  My reading of your posts of late has been sporadic, my writing, non-existent.  Apologies.  Trying to find my way back as I said in the last post. 71 more words

My First Silent Retreat

I broke my silent retreat cherry this past weekend (3 days).  I went on the Self Realization Fellowship’s Encinitas Retreat in San Diego.  The retreat was right on the ocean.  746 more words

Poem of Sitting Outside at a Silent Retreat, #4: Dandelions!


by Deborah A. Bowman

The sun upon the golden dandelions makes me glad to be alive!

I know now that in spite of everything I will survive. 150 more words


We Have to Make Time for Silence and Healing

This is the second poem from the Silent Retreat.


by Deborah A. Bowman

Times seems to mean so little in the grand scheme of things. 86 more words


Just Turn Down the TV and Find Yourself Already!

Yes – I suppose that’s it in a nutshell….A Silent Retreat. It’s this thing I like to do once in a while where a whole bunch of people get together, and under the guidance of a wonderfully nurturing instructor, choose to switch off phones, radios and TVs. 394 more words