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Be still and know that I am Love

I am the true freedom you seek.

I carry no expectations.

I am not a transaction. I am freely given.

I do not seek to control or to possess. 153 more words


Silent Fury and Solidarity

I feel compelled to write about the January 21 women’s marches even though I experienced them second-hand through stories and images. While hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched, I held them in my awareness at an annual Quaker silent retreat. 593 more words


The Sahara Part? I don't effing know

It seemed to shake loose old memories from the past, like an air-bubble rising from the depths of the ocean. I was reminded of a rhyme my father would use when he was in the army to keep him going on long marches, ‘First you step off with your left foot, your left foot, your left foot, first you step off with your left foot, and then you step off with your right foot, your right foot, etc.’ 525 more words


“Speak only when it improves upon the silence.” -Gandhi

Silence. It was deafening to my soul most of my life. Truly deafening. I did all that I could to fill the void with noise…constantly initiating conversations, funny jokes, pointless rambling, playing music.

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Embrace Your Journey

‘Silent Retreat’ Makes for Mild Entertainment (Review)

Directed by: Ace Jordan

Cast: Donny Boaz, Rebecca Summers, Danilo Di Julio

Ace Jordan’s camp slasher (basically) doesn’t attempt to be inventive or shocking, rather it operates as a safe vehicle, choosing to trek through all the horror tropes that fans have come to recognize over the years while deviating from unexplored and potentially risky maneuvers. 344 more words


Silent Retreat

A pastoral poem —

I went out into the silence in search
for the sheep this place is famous for.
I looked around the green grass, behind… 171 more words


The Sahara Part 5

It was already late and we were reminded of our early rise. This wasn’t a holiday but a group-trek and a silent one at that. Getting to know each other was not on the menu. 404 more words

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