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Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

I knew I needed something. A time out. Upon reflection, I wanted peace. Time for myself without all the responsibilities and demands of the kids, house, yard, dog, cat, work. 603 more words


Going Johnny Deep

Alright, alright, alright . . .

I’m pretty sure that by now anytime I go to talk about meditation you guys want to kill me (Jill). 2,570 more words


serenity in nature

Take the time to take a walk in silence in nature.  See with your senses.  Smell the earthy aroma of the soil, the sweetness of the grass, the flowers,  the muskiness of the trees.   234 more words

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Life before 30

Alright God, this is the end of my retreat, you said I should come out here so tell me what to do.

Oh no, no no no… 818 more words


You Need a Silent Retreat

As we’re now in the middle of Holy Week and most of us are trying to step it up a notch, I want to strongly encourage all of you to sign yourselves up for a silent retreat this year.   469 more words

Call Me Catholic

Sinking into Silence

Each year I try to spend a week in silent retreat. With my travel schedule, that can be a challenge. However, if I attach the retreat to other travel, so that I’m already away from the temptations of the office and the “to do” lists of home, I can sometimes swing it. 455 more words


Inside a Psychologist's Mind During a 10-day Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat (Part 2)

If you haven’t already, please check out part 1 first!

Part 2 continues….

Days 7-8

The meditation is starting to ‘click’. I’m getting the technique and managing to use it increasingly successfully. 2,521 more words

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