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The Sound of Silence

This song popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday. The song I know of course, but the group I did not know until yesterday. It is a beautiful version of it and I am glad to have found it. 1,136 more words



Inspired by the weekend retreat I attended at Copper Beech Institute at the end of April, I wrote a poem to express how I felt while I was there. 149 more words


silence is exhausting

Four strangers are sound asleep in the living room. Two are on a couch, one is sprawled out in an armchair, the fourth is on the floor. 43 more words

Silence is a virtue

Today I managed to refrain from speaking for four hours.
This is nothing short of miraculous.
The reason?
Silent retreat.

I was invited, I said yes, I went. 428 more words

Six day silent retreat: the perfect escape

When I admitted to my boater neighbour in the marina where I was going last week he exploded with amused incredulity. ‘What? You silent? For six days!’ … 1,002 more words

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how long does it take you to eat a bowl of kale?

There’s this thing yoga people do sometimes: they take silent meals.

Naturally, being on a silent retreat, all the meals are also silent. Thursday dinner, three meals each day Friday and Saturday, two on Sunday. 561 more words

duly noted

“Honestly, I would rather drop a rock on my foot than do that.” Joseph was laughing and shaking his head while looking at me rather skeptically. 313 more words