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T is for Theatre

His Majesty’s Theatre, located in Perth CBD, is an expression of architectural creativity. It also holds creativity within, through large-scale musicals, ballet, opera, Shakespearean plays and many other events. 164 more words

Y is for Yagan Statue

For “Y” in my creative project, I chose the Yagan Statue, located on Heirisson Island. I chose this statue to represent Y because it is a creative tribute to Yagan, and it is also an important part of Perth’s cultural history. 314 more words


Staying in the shadow,

no identity, it’s just a silhouette,

no identity, no recognition,

if you are not outstanding, you don’t have the attention.


A Midday Silhouette

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo



•Location:Patra Roitika,Greece•

Today's Art (23rd May 2016)

Interestingly, I’d actually made another painting for today. But, it was extremely rushed and unimaginative. So, a while later, I decided to try again and I ended up making this minimalist sci-fi painting instead. 18 more words