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I did my very own Upper Memory Block episode!

I guess this is what they call “coming full circle,” eh? The podcast that inspired me to start my own podcast allowed me to do my own guest episode for that podcast. 185 more words

Guest Appearances

'Eternal Darkness' Trademark Filed Again By Nintendo

The darkness may still return, as Eternal Darkness publisher Nintendo recently renewed the trademark with the US Patent office. 402 more words


Peril of the Producer

A lot of creative types tend to give producers a bad rap. The suits. The MBAs. The squares. Those guys who take their SACRED and HOLY capital A Art and turn it into something profane in pursuit of that almighty dollar. 1,080 more words

Video Games

Mandatory Delirium - Nintendo Gamecube - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - 2002

Silicon Knights
Genre: Survival Horror

Sleeper hit.

Let those words sink in.

There are a few games that fall into this category with a majority of the people who played them agreeing that the game was stellar without achieving the status that other games akin to it gained. 1,537 more words