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5 states with the most Fortune 500 companies

Go West. That’s one message of this year’s Fortune 500 when considered geographically. California is in third place when it comes to the number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state (53), lagging behind New York (with 55) and Texas (with 54) – but the list’s center of gravity is decidedly western. 508 more words


It's not enough to keep saying Silicon Valley has a diversity problem—we have to get specific

If we continue saying “Silicon Valley has a diversity problem” without getting specific, how will we ever know what to address?

When I published a post on Medium… 683 more words

Respect your company's sales force–they pay your salary

Another people-in-tech Monday Note, vs. tech itself, in the spirit of The HR-Less Performance Review and Firing Well, this time about the value of competent, service-oriented salespeople, and the respect we owe them – with our own interest in mind.  1,190 more words


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Stripe is a bill payment internet company which is worth $5 Billions as of today. This company was founded by brothers Patrick and John Collision from Ireland. 131 more words