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Now I Have a Place to Hang that Doughnut

Gradually, I was able to teach myself to sleep with my eyes open.

This came in handy at work where I could now sleep all day long… 45 more words




I couldn’t decide whether to put the roll of toilette paper in so that it

would unroll over top towards the front or behind the roller closer to… 294 more words


Uber aggressive: Hyper competitive and arguably abusive, inside of one of Silicon Valley's biggest success stories

SAN FRANCISCO — When new employees join Uber, they are asked to subscribe to 14 core company values, including making bold bets, being “obsessed” with the customer, and “always be hustlin’.” The ride-hailing service particularly emphasizes “meritocracy,” the idea that the best and brightest will rise to the top based on their efforts, even if it means stepping on toes to get there. 1,332 more words

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On Baumé.

Food is an expression at Baumé in Palo Alto. From delicate caviar with lemon and berry to goat cheese soufflé to the most elegant sorbet I have seen, the entire meal played with my expectations and combined different tastes in ways I was not used to. 65 more words

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On rising gracefully in the Bay.

  1. Don’t post on Twitter unless you’ve really thought through what you want your current colleagues, future colleagues, or future investors to see.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. 64 more words
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Silicon Valley sights.

Some come here to win, some come here to work, some come here to dream, some come here to find themselves. Which are you, dear reader? 97 more words

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