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Takeaways much greater than company swag bags

As the days go by after our week in Silicon Valley, I know I’m not going to remember every detail about every company visit, every word of advice from the awesome people we met, or even every token of appreciation (eye roll), but I will never forget the lasting impact of the relationships built and the true admiration I have developed for the dynamic and innovative magical land of Silicon Valley. 819 more words

Spring Break: Tech Trek West Edition

Hello Tech Trekkers! First off, a sincere thank you to Professor Kane, Jere, and Kelsey for all of the hard work, coordination, and time that went into making Tech Trek West such an unforgettable experience. 1,156 more words

71% tech employees in silicon valley foreigners

according to cnbc the valley is freaked out because iranians cannot get visas to the US. does this include zuckerberg and the google dudes? could it be time for the valley to consider dual study-apprenticeship programs to train promising 18 year olds or even those with seemingly useless BAs such as philosophy to solve their pipeline problem as opposed to scouring the internet for low wage high skilled foreigners?

The Death of Dissent: How Demanding Diversity is Destroying Debate

The hypocrisy of modern “progressive” thought has become so commonplace that it doesn’t even stand out anymore. The rational and reasonable ones who say “wait a minute” are now drowned out and denounced as evil. 752 more words


A book, a show, and a sketchcrawl

It’s finally here! My book of urban sketches Sign of the Times is here. Over 80 urban sketches of vintage neon signs. Sketched over 5 years in San Jose, California, the collection is annotated with stories that celebrate these fading beauties. 138 more words

Urban Sketchers

Montmartre to Silicon Valley: in search of havens for thinking

I think what really makes your brain work is asking questions of yourself, to wonder and be curious. That would come from your experiences in the physical world, so I think it’s hard to expect our brains to be working without having new experiences in life. 405 more words