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Moo-Less Chocolate Pie

Yet another recipe from Alton Brown.  We’ve not made this…YET. But we will and when we do we expect to hear angels sing, kitties dance and the sky to turn blue.   160 more words


Satay Curry with Sesame Noodles and Tofu

For the satay curry I wanted to keep it simple and based on just coconut milk and peanut butter (literally, the only ingredient should be “peanuts”). 234 more words


Espresso & Baileys Chocolate Mousse

This sounds unforgivably naughty, I know. The good news is that there is no cream and a fraction of the sugar and chocolate! The secret ingredient is tofu – now please don’t run away! 228 more words

fresh soymilk and handpulled noodles

sorry for my absence! do people read this? i have no idea, if you do i’m sorry for the absence. i’ve been making the same couple things over and over again, which seems insanely boring to post but then i realized i haven’t mentioned it even once. 730 more words


Maybelline New York Expertwear Eye Shadow, Silken Taupe 180, 2 Ea

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Maybeline New York gives you expert wear eye shadow. Silken taupe 180 to use for the smoky eye as a highlight…. 17 more words

Another Huge Project in the Works

I’m not positive why I do the things I do, but how often does a writer take two stories, (both at least 70 pages long) and merge them, then condense them? 479 more words

Story Updates Of All Kinds

For the Love of Tofu

Tofu comes in a surprising number of forms. The humble soy bean has given rise to a huge number of products, from sauces, curds, milk, edamame and even natto – fermented soy beans, filling the social niche of cheese for the Eastern world.  90 more words