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Silk Moth

The late summer sees the emergence of the adult silk moth, a behemoth that can reach a wingspan of nearly 15cm (6 inches). Though the moth itself is a beautiful creature (if beauty is in the eye of the beholder), it is the child form of the moth, the silkworm, that is valued to the Japanese. 47 more words


Analogies and similes in ancient Indian poetry - the Bhakti movement

One of the books I found especially useful to my understanding of ancient Indian literature was Speaking of Siva. The collection consists of Kannada poems written between the 10th and the 12th centuries, poems full of intense emotion, speaking of love, jealousy and loneliness while addressing the Lord. 286 more words

Cocoons ... Part 1

I was shooting weavers of avenue road for quite some time, the weavers who used to work on handlooms over the years ,with the advent of power-looms and the Chinese market,  the traditional business  with handlooms is at verge of extinct. 257 more words

Travel Stories

The Silkworm

Well, I’ve done it! I have finally finished it! Before I get any further, i would like to specify that I didn’t have trouble reading this because of the book itself. 780 more words


Survol intemporel des 10 ans de Heidi Taillefer #ArtMTL

Mercredi 8 juin, à 18h00, au 217 St-Laurent, vous êtes invités au vernissage “Intemporel Survol” de Heidi Taillefer @heiditaillefer. C’est la première exposition solo à Montréal en 10 ans de Hedii avec des œuvres de collaboration avec le photographe… 40 more words


The author Owen Quine has gone missing and Cormoran Strike has been hired by his wife to find out what has happened.

We are led into the world of publishers, editors and agents who all have some part to play in the recent book Owen was about to produce. 212 more words


A rich history is spun from the world’s “richest” fabric…silk, of course!

One of the oldest fibers known to man, silk has a history as rich as the fabric itself.  Dating back at least 5,500, this beautiful textile originated in ancient China where the silkworm, or bombyx mori, inhabited the land’s mulberry trees. 614 more words