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Silkworms, Swathes and the Dead by Ramsha Ashraf



It feels, again, like being a silkworm

Cocooned in a shell built upon its own saliva,

Reflecting the memory-aches,

With one thread hanging out of the shell… 196 more words


Fallacy: only silkworms make silk

A fallacy is something that is not true.

Only silkworms make silk is a fallacy.

Silk is a natural thread, or fibre (fiber).

Spiders produce silk to make their webs. 80 more words

Is silk sustainable?

Silk is one of the most luxurious types of fabric used in the fashion industry and also in products for the home. You can find it in cushions, pillow and duvet covers, bedspreads, lampshades and others. 789 more words


Chinese Mantis eats Silkworm for lunch 

Yesterday, I got a baby Chinese mantis from East Bay Vivarium, one of the best reptile stores in the Bay Area!

It’s super cute and tiny, about the length of my finger tip.

38 more words

Where does silk come from?

In India you’ll find a wide variety of silk types. Some very soft, others really rough, and some will just be sold as silk but it’s fake. 678 more words


Historical Item Analysis: Crawling onto Campus: The Auzoux Silkworm

While perhaps not as beloved as the Archives’ taxidermied Testudo, Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux’s stunning papier-mache model of a larger-than-life silkworm larva deserves plenty of admiration in its own right. 308 more words

Campus History


There’s a tiny little silkworm on a leaf

Wiggle wiggle

There’s a tiny little silkworm on a leaf

Wiggle wiggle

There’s a tiny little silkworm… 181 more words