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C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part four -Unforgettable Jyan Ge

On their journey, they stopped at Jyan Ge(劍閣). This stop had left a unforgettable memory to the Ho’s. Yu Wen was almost lost her first born son. 535 more words

Everlasting Blossom

The Silkworm: Part Nine

So, tomorrow I’m starting night shifts, meaning that tonight I have to stay up all night to try and reset my sleep schedule a bit in preparation. 6,197 more words


The Delight of Peer-Pressure

They huddled in the tight confines of the small, round can, most likely unaware of the dozen of eyes peering curiously at them. I could barely make out the content of the can from across the room, but I could see some of the unlucky few peeking out from the now-opened can. 1,107 more words

On The Silk Road to Silkworm Central

I think most people have experienced the adventure of keeping silkworms, if not personally, possibly through friends, neighbours and or other family members.

So what are these little white grubs all about and how does one go about keeping them? 574 more words


The Silkworm: Part Eight

Previously on The Baby Silk Moth, lots of epic fail involving possible sexual assault, victim-blaming, PTSD, inexplicable Judaism and tedious misogynistic ‘romance’. This time, more epic fail I expect, though hopefully marginally less disgusting. 6,353 more words


My 1st Pet - SILKWORMS

Following the aftermath of the Pick n Pay Stikeez craze  arrived the wave of “Silkworm Season”

We all had them when we were younger right and for me its been a Nostalgic trip down memory lane? 455 more words

2 Kids One Tiny House

’The Silkworm’ by Robert Galbraith

I can quite happily confess to having loved Robert (or JK Rowling, I must admit I always think of the author as JK Rowling and can never remember to surname of her pseudonym off the top of my head) first novel, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’. 419 more words