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Silkworm timelapse

I think everyone that has had Silkworms thinks a timelapse will be cool, and I have done one in the past a few years back, but this week ramped it up with controlled lighting. 68 more words


Siluria was another Earth-like and habitable Planet discovered around the end of the 21st Century. Silurians were the dominant species on the planet and were basically bi-pedal, reptile-like beings with huge eyes and even huger teeth. 289 more words



Silkworm. My favorite band in the universe. Friends and family are surely tired of hearing me go on about their triumphs and merits. I’ve stolen so many tricks from Tim Midyett, Andy Cohen and Joel RL Phelps (as well as Tim’s bass setup, essentially). 478 more words


Chinese Unicorn - Artist Unknown

Occasionally I will come across something that completely baffles me. It’s not often as I really like to profess my utter geekdom in all things mythical, but this one has me stumped. 949 more words


Silkworm: The Underappreciated Life Science Model Organism

By Keping Chen, Ph.D.

The realm of insects is colorful and has been coexisting with human beings for countless generations. Insects appeared on earth more than 400 million years ago, and their descendants witnessed our evolution from upright, walking apes into complete human beings and observed the beautiful, magical, and endless waves of life on earth. 845 more words

Strike: The Silkworm (BBC adaptation) Part Two

Part two. At some point my commentary is probably going to dry up, because as you all know I never finished the book in detail so I won’t be able to judge how closely the show is following most of the ending. 3,266 more words