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The Versatile Blogger Award #2

First of all, thank you to the brilliant A Guy Called Bloke for nominating me for the Versatile blogger Award! This award centers around interesting things about me so I wouldn’t hold your breath! 451 more words


Political Correctness or Political Silliness?

Gracious! Am I really that old? Ancient!

I must be. Whenever I see the initials PC, my first thought is “personal computer.” I recall when an inheritance from my mother enabled my family to buy not one, but two personal computers. 685 more words

As I Come Singing

Weekend Activities in Ann Arbor

Last spring, I wrote a post about slightly odd things to do in Ann Arbor – special thanks to commenters who added to the list! This summer has been my first one spent in Ann Arbor, so I want to continue the series with some fun summer-time activities in town. 568 more words

Slightly Odd Things to Do in Southeast Michigan

As the summer approaches, I will once more be headed to Greece to do my fieldwork. But for those who will be in Ann Arbor and will (hopefully) have a bit more free time than usual, here are some delightful-yet-quirky things to do I have discovered over the past year. 373 more words

Silly Banter Therapy

He: am not kidding! I will send you a paper on SBT.
Me: Sure thingy, am looking forward to it.

Who he?

My junior at KPCMCH, Suhotra Mukherjee. 172 more words

Bidisa Sarkar

A Close Encounter of the Whimsical Kind

“Laugh and grow strong,” St. Ignatius said; and to one of his novices, “I see you are always laughing, and I am glad of it.” Humor is a quality I don’t usually attribute to saints, let alone to God. 429 more words


It's Official!

Now if only the wind would blow the President’s tax returns to a place where we could see them! I for one would like to know what kind of a tax break he is getting in his weekly earnings and if/or he pays any taxes at all. 75 more words