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I Want HenchMonsters To Do My Bidding

                                              I want HenchMonsters.

                                         HenchMonsters to do my bidding.

                                                I am so not kidding.

                                     Yep, I know, it’s a sign of immaturity.

                       You’re about to tell me I’m too old for immaturity, aren’t you… 41 more words

No. 1127

Cellars Are Damp. By CpSingleton © 2015

Crackpot, whorebag, stalwart sweenie, I sense the sea.

Blonde wig, sharp suit, bashed up dump truck, I sense the sea. 99 more words


thought: VII

With the introduction of silliness behind us that was used to entertain the author, not the imaginary audience, maybe the remaining posts can salvage (to the authors pleasure) some measure of applicable commentary geared toward the reality of life, as opposed to the fantasies employed by the liberal mindset that is destroying this nation and planet rather successfully thanks to people like the incumbent and the fatal attraction by supporters of Hillary “the hack” Clinton. 42 more words

Slap a doody ding dong

It’s all too easy to take life and ourselves too seriously. For this reason I recommend engaging, at least occasionally, in the age-old regime of silliness. 181 more words

Jury Duty Tricks and Football

I’ve only got a few minutes to hang out.  I’m sorry.  I am a super important, busy person. You probably wouldn’t understand.

I’m sorta in the middle of binge watching “Friday Night Lights”.   558 more words


I Really Like Your Post, But....

I’ve scrapped every single potential person contacting me and decided to regroup, however, these new posts coming in are still begging to be shared. I’m just gonna leave this here…. 18 more words


Fear Skin

The issue of a pimple is simple

& requires no one to be nimble

With tissue or gauze,

Much less an anghellic chain;

Just hold your jaw still like a thimble… 55 more words