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"You silly child..."

My Mum and I were chatting yesterday, after slightly over doing it with the “happy juice”…Coca Cola (What did you think I meant? ;) At first we were just sitting outside, making fun of people that passed by on our street, but as it usually is with my Mum the topic  soon changed. 555 more words

Kentucky lets clerk deny marriage licenses to gay couples despite court order

Karen Roberts and April Miller, denied marriage license by religious bigotAP/Timothy D. Easley

A gay couple was denied a marriage license for the third time in Kentucky on Thursday, after a Rowan county clerk refused to obey a federal court order telling her to comply with the law.

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Train Caper

I invited a bunch of friends to join me on an afternoon train ride down the coast. The plan was to get off at every stop, have a drink, and write something ridiculous. 1,986 more words


Most Surprises are Good Ones

After extolling the virtues of accepting life’s serendipitous gifts along the quotidian way, I got another big surprise. Ironic, I suppose, that I was surprised. It was, though, of a far less delightful sort: a quick descent into serious physical discomfort, followed by a trip to the hospital. 1,642 more words


Episode 24B - Xim's Big Day Out

After suffering through TSR’s gamebooks, we decide to try one that’s actually good: Ring of Thieves by S. John Ross.

Dice will be rolled! Blood will spilled! 48 more words


Deadliest Hatch

Looking like Pisces

Through the currents I travel

Elastic & unforgiving

As skyscrapers from Babel

John Noggle is a fermented laureate and critically maimed spiritualist. He is a frequent flyer of the airspace less traveled and resident of the Bland Canyon. 20 more words


Being Relevant

Being Relevant
Whether it is in our writing or our daily life, when we feel we are no longer relevant we lose our voice or will to live. 925 more words