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a country song
by Mr. “Blind Peanut” Nicholson of Possum Claw, Arkansas

Meet Mr. & Mrs. McNeer
They have been together now for nigh on thirty years… 276 more words


Tell Me When to Go (Away, far, far...)

To the unfortunate ear

This concert has no end:

Cicadas forever hum

And their maestro refuses to bend.

From the the Fourth of July

Humans do audibly cry… 145 more words


The Comedy of the Dragon and the Drama of the Lamb

“I know it’s fairly common for people to suggest that if you move in the realm of Christianity, the story of Jesus, His death and resurrection and so on, that you’re actually dealing in the realm of a fairy tale. 1,843 more words

Chase Cohee

Fumbling Insults #3

Offense is unpredictable.

Like the tides to the ancients, or the viral nature of content to virtual natives, what exactly causes offense is fastidiously fleeting. 391 more words


Harold Blight and the Third Door

Harold Blight was a sleepwalker.

As surely as every day he would wake up at 6:45 sharp, eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon on top, and dress in a crisply clean suit and tie, every night he would fall into a deep sleep at 9:45 sharp, get out of bed twenty minutes later, and unlock the back door to wander the darkness. 722 more words