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In Praise of Books (experimenting with footnotes)

I am a bookaholic.[1]  I love the feel and smell of a good book, and I could spend hours in a bookstore just picking them up and leafing through them. 1,123 more words

Chompski's take - A Zombie talking Red Sox and sporting news 5/4/2015

Chompski had agreed last week to do a weekly sports update where he could talk about being the #1 Zombie fan of Red Sox Nation. Then the weekend came and The dreaded Yankees made their way to Fenway park. 466 more words



This was a great Monday.  Work was great.  The weekend past was great.  Everything is great!

Makes me nervous.  I keep my foot on the track to feel if a train is coming.   390 more words


Romance, time and space

I wanted her to be mine
So I stole one feather
It was from an angel
I proceeded to tickle time
And then the seconds laugh… 168 more words



I was walking along the sidewalk, minding my own business when I sensed someone was watching….I was right.  This beautiful and intriguing face was looking out a window at me. 19 more words

Wine and running (um, OK) ...

Tomorrow one of my friends and I will be going to a wine fun run. I honestly have no idea how running and wine go together, but since I like the effects of both, I am totally up for the challenge, HA! 16 more words