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Huge study refutes the federal government’s crap marijuana laws

❝ In the federal drug classification scheme, marijuana is classed at the very top. It is considered to be a Schedule I substance — a category reserved for drugs with a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use.

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Stepping into Silliness!!!

One of my favourite questions to ask is….

What else is possible which I haven’t even considered yet?

Have you asked this question?

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I am sure many of us have dreamed of being a superhero, fighting the forces of crime, evil and helping the elderly across the road. The allure of saving the world yet remaining humble and unassuming resonates strongly with adventurous nerds.

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Well Duh

Last weekend was very cold here in Ohio.  I was in the basement doing laundry and putting away groceries and was amazed at how cold it was in the basement.  433 more words


Flat mates with above average intelligence II

And talking about separate waste collection that can benefit the environment that we live in… It is important, right?

Where we live, waste is collected as such: 205 more words

An Exercise In Silliness

I was driving to work this morning when Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” popped up on my playlist. For some reason, one of the lines stuck in my head as something other than the usual bubblegum pop-metal Sweet is known for and I started building a scene in my head based on the lyrics to the song. 714 more words


The Coldest Equations Yet

The Coldest Equations Yet
James D. Macdonald

Stardate 31-20.6.

Half-way through the first dog watch on the cruiser Stardust, bound for Mimir, the light on the communications panel that showed an open sub-space carrier wave blossomed. 2,057 more words

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