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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-five and My Tuesday

rain on a Tuesday
wind makes it chilly
tree buds just showing color
below a swatch of ski-slope
more rain tonight
but driving home

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Do The Work

Enjoy this Rhyme one Word at at Time

Dr. Seuss has been whispering in my ear since I awakened this morning.  I’ve never had a day quite like this.  Almost all of my thoughts came out in rhyme!   282 more words

You Can Eat a Yukina

You can eat a Yukina
You can stew a Yucca stew
You musta seen a Mustard Green
Let us eat some Lettuce too

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Cartoon of the day

“Because when it actually works they just call it medicine”

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz


15 Sparkly Fun Fail Safe Ways to Get People to Buy Your Book, Guaranteed*

*By “Guaranteed” I mean “I have no idea, take these suggestions at your own risk, this list is just for fun, please don’t sue me when it isn’t fail safe and doesn’t work”* 670 more words

Process Of Writing

Okay, Balenciaga, you're kidding -- right?

Now look, I’m a huge fan of stylish handbags and I like Balenciaga, but when I heard they made a bag selling for more than $2000 that looks exactly like Ikea’s 99-cent bag I could not help but be reminded of the old saying about a fool and his money.

To Know One's Place

Is it such a heinous crime to want to know my place?

A notion of what’s gone before and what I’ve yet to face?

Is it so surprising I should leave marks in my wake? 123 more words