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Thomas Dimitroff Responds to the Angry Atlanta Falcons Fan Twitter Mob

By Steve Cohen, @SteveInBrooklyn

Editor’s note: The post below contains some explicit language.

The immediate Twitter reaction to the Atlanta Falcons’ 1st round draft pick of Florida Safety Keanu Neal was, um, a bit mixed, as Neal’s selection may have ruffled some fans’ feathers (no pun intended) (but man, that would have been a pretty good pun if I had intended it, right?). 1,852 more words

NFC South

I Love My Blood Blister

So, that blood blister I mentioned a few posts back? Well, now that it’s not so angry looking, I kind of like it. It’s like a beauty mark for my ring finger. 9 more words



I played hopscotch today. And it was marvelous.

The little guy wanted to play outside and after a roller coaster winter and early spring, it was gorgeous out. 487 more words

The Dorky Daddy

A philosophical manta ray (limerick)

A philosophical manta ray
Addressing a conference in Santa Fe
Said “I think we all know
That everything flows,
Or as Heraclitus states, ‘πάντα ῥεῖ .’


9 Words & Phrases that Chronic Illness Added to My Vocabulary

This weekend I had a really good day. One of those totally rare ones where I wake up feeling almost normal. I won’t say I’m pain free, but I feel more like my old self, the person I was before chronic illness took hold of my life. 929 more words

Chronic Pain

Short Humour

I am generally in need of it; perhaps you are too. After two and a half hours in the dentist chair yesterday, I definitely needed something. 87 more words


Whacky Wednesday

Here it is.  If I don’t share these cards, they will surely go to waste.  If you can’t wait over a year for them to unroll, google Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack. 159 more words

Semi Retirement