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No. 3140

The Trials of the Squishy-squash. By CpSingleton © 2016

Inside a stone with no folks name

There hides a squishy-squash.

You won’t hear him moving, but… 168 more words


95 of 100 (2016)

6! When I think of six, I think about…

Hexagons. Beehives. Honeybees. Honey. KFC Biscuits. My Thighs. Ugh.

That’s the end of tonight’s story. Glad I decided to focus on the honeybees? 10 more words

Random Drawings

For Those Horrible Days

You know those days when nothing goes right and you hate the world? Yeah, me, too. For those days, I made up the “It’s-Been-A-Terrible-Day Song.” I apologize in advance:


Just gimme ALL the awkward

I had to attend a monthly presentation today at work. The talks vary in subject matter, and are mostly interesting. I don’t like going sometimes because they’re coordinated by a person in my department whom I don’t particularly care for, and I’m obligated to go “because you have to” according to my boss. 572 more words

Hot Mess

Twitter Drama and Tacos

I don’t have a dog in this fight. Quite honestly they both kinda get on my nerves but have any of you been following this Kim K and Taylor Twitter feud? 17 more words