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God's Gift

I don’t know what it is lately, but all of a sudden I’ve been getting  friend requests from countless stunningly beautiful women! Perhaps they dig my pale skin, or they’ve heard about my flat feet…maybe huge wonky noses are… 282 more words


Highway to the...

*PMT zone*

Sometimes I wonder whether there are any people on earth more annoying than middle class, middle aged parents.  (Obv if you are reading this, I don’t mean… 392 more words



I’m pretty sure it’s something we’ve all done. You’re so intently typing something, with your desk cluttered with various printed papers, books, and notes. It’s so easy to not notice that you hit caps lock when you started typing. 846 more words


Outwitted by Words #2

I didn’t expect the next instalment of ‘outwitted by words’ to be my own faux pas, but I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to laugh at myself so here goes. 307 more words


Robb Murphy...Q & A

I’ve been writing blogs about everything happening behind the scenes with Robb Murphy for a couple of years now, but while writing the blogs about the band members and introducing them, it came to mind that I never really wrote a blog like that about Robb. 1,805 more words

10 Fun Pranks to Play on a Bookworm

Although a substantial portion of us are introverted and pranks are associated with attention-getting extroverts, the reality is that a lot of us introverts love a well played trick. 647 more words


Lessons in friendship: from friends and FRIENDS

When I was a kid, I was given a notebook for Christmas nearly every year. In fact, I think every year. This particular year, the notebook flipped over the top of the page with a top-bound spiral. 1,124 more words