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The recent flap between Trump and that Steelworkers leader shows that Trump takes his politics very personally, and he seems to prefer going mano-a-mano with anyone who disses him. 152 more words


A Game of Fourplay

I have been tagged to do a meme, and, as is my way, I have decided to do it immediately – granted I have postponed it for nearly a month… but this is as close to ‘immediately’ that I could get. 151 more words


Hungarian Dance #5, Johannes Brahms.

Cleaning my inbox. This link was provided by gayle, many many moons ago. 

Her comment: For some reason, I can picture Smokey building one of these in the garage.  I know he likes music…


Dream Diary: Graduation Day

For some reason, in dreams I find myself back in monster grad school, only today is – wait for it – graduation day.  Classes are wrapping up and my friends and I spend most of the time partying.   427 more words


My Gallery

I’ve set up a gallery over at my author page to share the random pictures I design. Most are a bit silly or cartoony but I enjoy making them and it’s fun to share. 24 more words


Sunday Silliness (Segueing into Seriousness)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a brick when it stops working.”

– Arthur C Clarke, while kicking his computer. *

(As Abraham Lincoln said, “94% of quotations on the internet are made up.”)* 143 more words

Winter is Here...

At least it is in my little corner of the world.

The snow made its first real appearance yesterday and it was pretty for about five minutes before it turned into a slushy, wet and miserable mess that just made me want to go home and wrap myself in a blanket. 71 more words

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