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Scary baby heads!

Our costumes last night at DIY Space for London.

photo by Ollie Tarboschski‎.
scary baby heads made for Rabies Babies by Mark Doherty.


Laundra The Goddess

Laundra walked out into the mystical magical totally glittery sugary sweet river made of filtered unicorn piss to clean her grannie panties. It had been some time since she had washed them because they were supposed to be magical and stain-resistant, or else why would she wear such damned ugly underwear all the time, especially since she dressed like a slutty nurse. 991 more words


Saturday, Landing In Wanaka But Beginning…

I have a few days of photos to upload and commentary t’boot but today… today folks, the day started with


NZ 2017

What would YOU do?

You’re standing in line at the 7-11, there are three people in front of you. The woman at the register is making a purchase, behind her, a little girl and her mother. 205 more words


Losing it...

I feel like I ought to call 911 and report a missing person. Siri is missing! I don’t know if it’s the fault of the new replacement phone, or the fact that I ran all the updates that I had previously ignored in order to set up the replacement phone, but Siri’s voice has changed, and I don’t like it one bit. 88 more words


Grrragh The Bubarian

Grrragh woke from a slumber of sleeping, embedded in a bed where this sleeping thing had taken place. He wore a loincloth freshly washed by river spirits, servants of the goddess Laundra. 1,454 more words


#OctPoWriMo (day 9 of 31) Twisted Wonderland


~ Alternative Prompt ~

Pull a book off your shelf and randomly open it up to any page. The first word or sentence you land on, write from there. 407 more words