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10 Things Teens Do That Were Probably Intended For Children

1. Use Coloring Books and Crayons. If you don’t think crayons are awesome-You’re wrong.

2. Silly Bands. Not so much anymore but back in 2010 it was like the bomb.com… 139 more words

Banned Bracelets: The Dark Side of Trendy Jewelry

We understand why schools ban certain items: certain books are taboo due to controversial content that some parents may find objectionable (although we feel it’s a bit silly to ban certain books…*cough cough* Harry Potter *cough cough*), and weapons are forbidden for their obvious threat to student/staff safety. 652 more words

Beads & Jewelry-Making

Silly Bands

This is my silly bands that I  made in Illustrator. It took me a while to find the right tracing sea creatures and I would have to use those three silly brands into my background because it part of the final Illustrator I just made and I hope figure out how.

Silly Bands

One Minute Silliness

1. Read the daily writing prompt.
2. Push “Play” on the timer on the right side of the screen.
3. Spend 60 seconds or less writing a response to the daily prompt. 84 more words

Silliness and topology

I think Vi Hart does a great job finding cool math all around us. In this video she mainly explores stop motion animation, but then also touches on silly bands as mathematical objects. 79 more words


Who's that Pokéband!?

Color coded and full of fun, these little critters will pull you back to your cereal and Saturday cartoon days!

Silly Bands

I changed my little profile pic. My previous one didn’t feel right.

By the way, the above picture is a couple of silly bands I made for my digital arts class. 10 more words