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Day 9 ~ antsy, anticipation

Day Nine ~ August 11th, 2018

Silly me hitting save draft button instead of the publish button on this post last night!

Only the daily question for today, the journal entry is physically written this evening, so just a quick post again. 59 more words


Fanboy Movie Review #12 — Avengers: Infinity War

Since November, I’ve had to take a break from this blog. I’ve had so many ideas, and even a few posts mostly fleshed out, but none that really gelled. 2,231 more words

Accidental Adrenaline Rush

A few weeks before Christmas, I treated myself to a little personal shopping spree at Marshalls. Since my purse was big and heavy, I decided to leave it in the car, and just bring in my wallet and my phone. 394 more words

Fanboy Review #8— Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel’s latest addition to their cinematic universe released recently, taking the world by storm (sorry, couldn’t resist). While ranking 11th amongst  Marvel releases, it is nevertheless doing better than either of the previous… 2,069 more words

Tropes I Can Do Without: Incompetent Antagonists

So, I’m breaking my rule here just a bit. My goal for this year was to write about those thing I love more than the things I dislike. 1,671 more words

Strange Reports from Sector M: A Self Interview

My anthology of short, speculative fiction came out recently. I call it Strange Reports From Sector M. Customarily when a bestselling author releases a book, there’s a press tour, complete with personal interviews. 1,519 more words