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Baking with Pappy

Hannah and her Pappy are baking today. It is an annual tradition that I both love and fear. The time they spend together is priceless…the end product usually a catastrophe. 198 more words

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My 12 Days of Christmas...

I am one of those people who find joy in many things, yet, I have my favorites.  My favorite things always bring a smile to my face and excitement to my heart.   362 more words

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The Beauty of the Christmas Tree

There are few things in life that set my heart a flutter more than decorating the Christmas tree. I love looking at each ornament and remembering the moment it was received, the person who gave it to us, and the story behind its selection. 680 more words

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National Coffee Day

There are two things in this world that always excite me. They are: coffee and free things. I love everything about coffee! The taste, the smell, the warm feeling as it passes through my throat, I could go on and on. 390 more words

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This went kind of crazy on Facebook yesterday

I had one of those mornings yesterday, so I posted the life tips below on my Facebook page and on the pages of a couple of mumma groups I belong to. 161 more words

Family Stories

One of the greatest things about family, is that they never let you live certain things down. You know, the recurring stories that get shared everytime you get together. 574 more words

Family Moments


I pride myself in being a bit goofy! As a mother, I try to hide nuggets of my expectations of proper behavior, in silly sayings that my children can easily remember, and bring a smile to their faces. 575 more words

Family Moments