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Big-Eyed Selfie

Big eyed,
On something you
Have spied.

A sound,
Your attention
Has found.

A pose, take the

The Musette, created by Emily Romano is a poem that consists of three verses of three lines each. 74 more words


The day I dressed like Superman

My poems have no mystery
They’re right here in your face
I’m going for your funny bone
A pit-bull on a chase
I throw in a point or two… 192 more words


Sometimes Mondays don't get started...

Sometimes Monday mornings will start out with a crawl
Sometimes Monday mornings don’t get started up at all
Then they turn to Tuesdays which seems a whole lot better… 241 more words


The Day the Air Conditioning Died

The AC died last night  –  without much of a fight  –  off to Heaven it went
It gave its all  –  spring, summer, and fall  –  until its last breath was spent… 439 more words


The Reluctant Comic

I’d love to be a stand-up comic
For now I’m still in hiding
Behind guitars and poetry
Just like the one I’m writing
They say you have to pay your dues… 115 more words


Flying Clouds

Silly Poem (Part Ten)

Where you go
Snow white cloudy mess
Like a cotton ball
So close to me
Like I can almost touch you, 104 more words


Poem: Stream of Souls

Stream of souls
Stream of souls
Pouring all over me
In a divine cascade
Of ethereal gunge
Who left on this leaking faucet?
Was it the same person who forget to replace
The marmalade jar?