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Would You Be my WOOkie?

A little bit past Valentine’s but still…

Would you be my wookie?

We’d circle the stars from Ta’toine and back

Bludgeon the storm troopers that gave us  flack… 47 more words


Every Yang (A Marriage-Inspired Rap)

He’ll be the first to admit
He is gifted at cooking…
Confidence- he’s got it
And he’s damn good looking
A bit overbearing,
With know-it-all ways… 53 more words

Silly Poems

Little Raindrops...

Silly Poem (Part Five)

Lost In Memories Again

Say Goodbye To The Pain

Just Enjoy The Pouring Rain

Smell Of Earth Is Surely A Gain… 14 more words


Proper Reality

Never so terrible and long
The wait for metro hosts to tell
Whether your vote has found its voice
Or your favorite idol fell

On seat’s edge with bitten nails… 75 more words

Reaction Poetry

Little Raindrops..

Silly Poem (Part Four)

First Of the Season

For No Other Reason

With Flashback And Thunder

My Thoughts Would Wander


What You Want To Say

Lovely Little Raindrops


Little Raindrops.

Silly Poem (Part Three)

One Little Raindrop

On My Head

Two Little Raindrops

On My Hand


More Little Raindrops

Keep Falling

On The Land


A Dog's World !!

Dogs Are The Best.

Dogs Love You Unconditionally.

Dogs Listen.

Dogs Understand.

Dogs Won’t Hurt Your Feelings.

Dogs Are For Everyone.

Dogs Are Amazing.

Puppy Love.