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cumin in my coffee

smells like feet. but it was too early to find the

start over. grind
and brew. and please pass the nutmeg.

Blueberry Bloom: Flower of the Day, Sept 8, 2016

My friend Dianne actually went out of her (our) way to take me into this commercial blueberry field to see how blueberries grow:  low to the ground and sporting these lovely red blooms.   59 more words

An Ode to Parenthood...

Becoming a parent is…
the end and the beginning
We worry and we think a lot
And, yes, sometimes we’re winning

And other times we’re losing track… 258 more words

Surviving Motherhood

grenadine grenade

we’ve got it made
in the shade
with a splash of cherry coke

bring ice, suffice
it to say we’ll toss in… 79 more words

Family Hound

It’s only been a few days since Rebecca gave me a new set of words, and I surprised myself by knowing instantly what to do with them. 109 more words

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