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My Best Friend

My sweet snail is my best friend

I’ll love him till the very end!

I’ll stroke his stalks, massage his foot

I’ll even make a word up: Voot… 39 more words

Silly Poems

cat in a hat

on the table was a hat

in the hat there was a cat –

now some may think that hats are for heads –

but not tonite, 6 more words

The Now

Ham handed Haiku

You butterfingers

A Bull in a china shop

Let’s use paper plates.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word “ham.” Featured image of Ceramic Bowls by LuggaWiggler on Pixabay.com 12 more words


relationship advice

a moment ago

we were spatting and spitting,

now we are all purring and sitting!


Monday Morning Chuckles

Bacon Oh Bacon, You are so bad

Why do I think of you when I am mad?

Tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and bread

I long to toast you, but yet I dread… 21 more words


Self-indulgent poetry for my dear one

If, through some heartache
or chemistry of senses,
you find your soul dialed in
to the blissful nuance of cooler wind on cheek
or magnetic call of hills organized by gradient… 61 more words


Call to Arms

Things That Cling

Call to Arms

Sweaters do it, slips do it.
Even crackers and clam dips do it.
Let’s do it. I want to cling!!! 93 more words