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Nonsense Verse: Get Seriously Funny

“If poetry that’s sensible
Is what you’re searching for
If you want words of wisdom
Then you need search no more

For this is not the book for you…

1,437 more words


Today I have had a lazy day dozing on the sofa, and my mind started wondering off in all sorts of directions. First I was thinking about rabbits, and how I would like to chase one, and then suddenly I smelled sausages! 203 more words


Oh me oh my, what a wonderful time! A new blog is here, and I hope I’ll adhere.

A previous blog I had, it was boring and really bad. 202 more words


A few of my favorite things

Tacos, pozole and then carne asada,
zucchini boats and beef empanadas,
salsa and chips and more spicy dips
these are just few of my favorite things… 100 more words


"Wellsprings and Wobbles"

In celebration of RR’s one year anniversary, (Thank you for the support!) I decided to post the silliest thing I’ve written recently.

Realistically, how many writers haven’t written about their desk?   343 more words


My True Blue Selfie

True blue
True blood
Blood stains
Blood on hands
Hands over fists
Hands holding weapons
Weapons of destruction
Weapons in secret
Secret locations
Secret agents… 327 more words


Cat is Sometimes Spelled with a K

I’m all cattywampus

or should I say catawampus?

I’ve been looking and looking for words

that will fit the category

of those containing the word spelled c-a-t… 162 more words

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