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Dear Genie (A Note Affixed to a Bottle)

Dear Genie  (A note Affixed to a Bottle)

Get back into the bottle. You’re doing nothing right.
The Adonis I requested just the other night… 118 more words

From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

She was lost in thoughts,

Clearly tied up in knots.

Perhaps she had the blues,

(Or didn’t like her shoes.)


A Social Media Failure

I tried to win at YouTube but no one liked my stuff,

I tried Instagramming but my art’s not good enough.

I attempted blogging but had nothing much to say, 170 more words


GloPoWriMo: Day 14

Dictionary of Dreams (Authorized Version)

If you dream of a teacup,
it means you forgot
to call your mother.
Either that, or there is a mouse… 222 more words


Incandescent Insect Insomnia

photo from the internet                          

Both the Mills Brothers and Dean Martin recorded the song “Glow Worm” whose lyrics and tune I loved as a little girl. 95 more words

Daily Post

A Watched Pot: NaPoWriMo 2018, Friday the 13th.

A Botched Pot 
Why does a watched pot never boil?
A failure to ignite the coil?
Failure to put the water in?
That’s how such pithy sayings begin. 60 more words

Loving Thy Enemy

Three years ago yesterday, I wrote an abecedarian poem for NaPoWriMo that contained today’s pompt word of “froth.”  What are the chances?  There must be some poetic synchronicity at work here.  172 more words

Daily Post