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If You Give a Mom a Martini...

If you give a mom a martini,

And a weekend with her friends

She’ll talk and laugh and laugh some more

Live it up, until the end! 166 more words

Surviving Motherhood

A Parsnip of Pigeons

Amaze…. “Sense of “overwhelm with wonder” is from 1590s” (Thesaurus.com)

As I walked out my back door one early morn’

I was amazed by what I saw…

185 more words
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An Ode to Wrinkles

Wrinkles on faces—detestable!
We smear lotion all over the grooves.
We drink plenty of water and get rest-able.
And pray that those wrinkles go smooth. 28 more words

Silly Poems


Aileen came in the middle of the night. For the first time. I hope Aileen will visit often.


Aileen, how tall is a giraffe? 159 more words


Sea Anemone Surprise 

How funny to see

So far from the sea

Such a sweet cluster

Of sea anemone!


No Age Limits

I have found that those in their nonage

look upon me who is slightly more than middle age

as probably

nonagenarian or maybe even centenarian… 51 more words

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gotcha! tag, you’re it!
no need to argle-bargle.
don’t lollygag, you nincompoop –
finagle me a bagel.

it’s time to host a hullabaloo
with all the silly words; 193 more words