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Daily Prompt: Flames - One too many

“Let the flames of passion  burn!”


Lets set flames to fashion instead.

Wait, what?

Raise your glass in celebration!

Shout, ‘Huzzah!’

Come, lets praise the glassmakers station! 20 more words


cumin in my coffee

smells like feet. but it was too early to find the

start over. grind
and brew. and please pass the nutmeg.

Blueberry Bloom: Flower of the Day, Sept 8, 2016

My friend Dianne actually went out of her (our) way to take me into this commercial blueberry field to see how blueberries grow:  low to the ground and sporting these lovely red blooms.   59 more words

An Ode to Parenthood...

Becoming a parent is…
the end and the beginning
We worry and we think a lot
And, yes, sometimes we’re winning

And other times we’re losing track… 258 more words

Surviving Motherhood

grenadine grenade

we’ve got it made
in the shade
with a splash of cherry coke

bring ice, suffice
it to say we’ll toss in… 79 more words