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Encouraging Children to Clean Their Teeth

Rather than force your child with a tooth brush try this poem

My name’s (child’s name)  and I’ve got no teeth
I speak with a whistle and look like a thief… 33 more words

Brushing Teeth

under my thumb

the poem that almost ate
my brain
began as a flashing
cursor on my laptop computer
at 8 pm one night,
long after the
Government office… 246 more words

My brain needs dessert + Post-A-Quote Challenge

I’m looking out at the water.

We are eating dinner at the back of the boat.

I’m looking out at the water.

The water foams and froths, and in our wake nothing’s afloat. 509 more words


Tea Time Poem

O to be a hummingbird,

O to be a frog,

O to be a wee woodlouse,

Chewing through a log,

O to be a snake, 51 more words

Idea Idea... I see ya!

Now that I am trying, it seems as if a dam has been broken and ideas are just flooding over the wood splinters that used to hold in the tide. 353 more words


My brain wears the pants in this relationship.

We were halfway through a wonderful dinner when I couldn’t take it any more. I was about to burst with excitement!

“Did you know that a kilobyte has 1,024 bytes, which is 2^10 ?”

262 more words

How doth the little dragon fly...

How doth the little dragon fly
A-sparkle in the sun
And dance and shinmer in the sky
It looks like smashing fun!
And sometimes when he flies too low… 36 more words