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From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

Peace and quiet is a grapple,

When you live in the Big Apple.

So bring a book when you’re en route,

And you’ll enjoy more your commute.


From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

He had a most thoughtful look,

As he sat and read his book.

I drew the lines of his face,

From the confines of my space.

Cartoon Illustration

"My" Day

The prompt today is willy-nilly.  Now, what would you say the chances would be that I’d have written a poem that already contained that word?   128 more words

Circa 1969

The thunder roared

The lightning crashed

Down came a tree

And a frog got smashed

A poem from 4th grade.  Some things are meant never to be forgotten.

be Happy!

Be Happy! Come on, i Insist-

Cuz the shit could get much worse than this.

At least for now we’re breathin Air, and drinkin water, too… 223 more words


Happy Limerick Day

May 12th is the birthday of english artist and author Edward Lear, who is known mostly for his nonsense poetry. It is also used to celebrate the Limerick. 65 more words


My Best Friend

My sweet snail is my best friend

I’ll love him till the very end!

I’ll stroke his stalks, massage his foot

I’ll even make a word up: Voot… 39 more words

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