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My True Blue Selfie

True blue
True blood
Blood stains
Blood on hands
Hands over fists
Hands holding weapons
Weapons of destruction
Weapons in secret
Secret locations
Secret agents… 327 more words


Cat is Sometimes Spelled with a K

I’m all cattywampus

or should I say catawampus?

I’ve been looking and looking for words

that will fit the category

of those containing the word spelled c-a-t… 162 more words

Blogging Community


You would think that by giving me just one word to incorporate, Rebecca could have relied on a prompt turnaround by me, but  once again I have been tied up in much busyness, and it was seeing Rebecca on the weekend at a wonderful conference that reminded me about my tardiness. 63 more words

Poems By Sally Murphy

A Tasteful Seafood Elegy?

Dearly departed, we have gathered you here on this plate,
to witness the fulfillment of this your fate;

Caught in baited traps on the ocean’s rocky bottom, 243 more words


the inevitability of the funny (farm)

is it absurd
to stretch a

w           o           r             d

so far across the page, it kerns
itself silly? is it willy nilly
(piccadilly stage) … 91 more words

I Would Rather Be At Sea

Perched in my big picture window,
I blankly sit and stare,
Looking over my neighbourhood,
That naught I really care.

For I’d rather be at sea. 305 more words


My Picasso Face

What is a face, really?
more like a tribal mask
colors, lines, patterns and shapes
angular, off balance and distorted
the face of the new art… 295 more words