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To Market, To Market Day

If you could design and sell a product, what would it be? This is the very question the Younger Fives pondered this week to get ready for Market Day, a wonderful get-together organized by the… 318 more words


Ninja Turtles, Napalm, and Silly Putty

Ninja Turtles comic spoiler alert

Somehow I stumbled upon this yesterday and it made me laugh. It’s such a ridiculous picture if you step back from it. 76 more words

Super Magnetic Putty Makes "The Blob" Look Like Neighborhood Friend

Remember the days when silly putty was packaged in a tiny plastic egg, and you could imprint Sunday Morning comics onto it like magic? WELL THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! 26 more words

General Geekery

The Year I Was Born - Silly Putty

During World War II, the USA and other countries had a rubber shortage.  Although conservation measures were put in place,  a shortage threatened war production.  Industry took on the challenge of producing a synthetic product that could be used in place of rubber. 319 more words

Silly Putty

I went to bed so stressed last night and couldn’t sleep. I just feel like a piece of silly putty that everyone has a hold of and no two people are pulling in the same direction. 1,095 more words


A Long Way Around Joke

This blog has been starving for prose as of late, so I’m introducing another new semi-regular feature…

Bob was a silly putty aficionado. If there was ever anything you wished to know about silly putty, Bob was the guy to ask. 216 more words


Silly Putty

Facing up to who I am now
means facing up to who I was
and how I have changed.
Looking at old pictures is hard… 84 more words

Living Simply