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10 Stupid Inventions That Have Made Millions

They say that a fool and his money are soon parted. And it’s obvious that the world is full of fools, based on this list of 10 stupid inventions that have made millions. 32 more words


Stretch Yourself

Silly Putty — the 195o’s childhood toy — was this sticky elastic liquid-like substance that would stretch great distances before it broke — not 25 feet or anything mind-blowing. 163 more words

To Market, To Market Day

If you could design and sell a product, what would it be? This is the very question the Younger Fives pondered this week to get ready for Market Day, a wonderful get-together organized by the… 318 more words


Ninja Turtles, Napalm, and Silly Putty

Ninja Turtles comic spoiler alert

Somehow I stumbled upon this yesterday and it made me laugh. It’s such a ridiculous picture if you step back from it. 76 more words

Super Magnetic Putty Makes "The Blob" Look Like Neighborhood Friend

Remember the days when silly putty was packaged in a tiny plastic egg, and you could imprint Sunday Morning comics onto it like magic? WELL THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! 26 more words

General Geekery

The Year I Was Born - Silly Putty

During World War II, the USA and other countries had a rubber shortage.  Although conservation measures were put in place,  a shortage threatened war production.  Industry took on the challenge of producing a synthetic product that could be used in place of rubber. 319 more words

Silly Putty

I went to bed so stressed last night and couldn’t sleep. I just feel like a piece of silly putty that everyone has a hold of and no two people are pulling in the same direction. 1,095 more words