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Foto Friday 131: Greener grass

Do not ponder
any longer
the grass is greener
this side or yonder
wherever (and whenever)
you lavishly water
there the grass grows lusher… 41 more words


Foto Friday 130: A capture

Ships, dhows, a lone gull on the wall
The water so blue, the skies bluer
Captured in a single frame, one and all
By an enthralled and gratified photographer.


©Shail Mohan 2016

Foto Friday

The Word Eating Mongoose

He peeped at me , from behind the stone

As if asking, what I was doing in his home

I offered him a Chocolate treat… 333 more words


Foto Friday 128: The Pink Mini Moon

Today the moon is full
pink and juicy, an eyeful
but in my heart is a hole
that it cannot fill even as a whole… 96 more words


Standard Size (Just for fun)

I was sore vexed it has to be said.
My feet are too far away from my head.
My shoulders far too far apart
My chest oversized to house my heart… 162 more words

Irish Writer

Foto Friday 124: Moduza procris

tamarind so tangy
dangling on the tree
who could resist
certainly not, Moduza procris*

*Moduza procris or the Commander, is a medium-sized, strikingly coloured brush-footed butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia.

©Shail Mohan 2016


apologies to Dr. Seuss

To Blog or TWO Blogs?
How many blogs can a blogger blog?

If a frog was a blogger, about what would he blog?

Why–how easy– Polywogs! 27 more words

This And That