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Technology Battles

We’ve got some problems here, Siri —

you don’t come when I call,
you give me bad advice
or none at all.

you say, “I didn’t get that” 154 more words


All people know that fish can’t growl

Or yowl, or hoot, or hum, or howl.

They cannot squeak, they cannot squeal,

They cannot bark just like a seal. 59 more words

Silly Rhymes

There once was a cat

In a tall purple hat

And all night the cat sat

All alone on his mat.

And one night a white bat… 126 more words

Silly Rhymes

The little brown snail

Had a little red pail,

And wherever he went

He would leave a wet trail.

Every day he would scale

Garden walls of Ms.Dale… 54 more words

Children's Books

Little Brown Snail

Here’s a silly rhyme about the little brown snail and his adventures in Ms.Dale’s garden. Enjoy reading! :)

The little brown snail

Had a little red pail, 74 more words

Reading Corner

Splish Splash Wrath

Splish Splash Wrath

© Vera Komnig, Painting #364


splish splash wrath

I was taking a bath

the bubbles were glowing

my excitement overflowing

~ 76 more words