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Uriah Heep Meets Rocky Balboa on Rodeo Drive

Uriah Heep–an unctuous, cringing, overly-humble character from Charles Dickens was chosen by the British Telegraph as one of their favorite Dickens characters. I chose him as well for a meeting with another rather hard-to-take notable fictional figure way back at the beginning of my blog. 59 more words

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From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

She was lost in thoughts,

Clearly tied up in knots.

Perhaps she had the blues,

(Or didn’t like her shoes.)


From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

Holy tamale!

He’s melancholy.

His eyes are downcast, 

With brows at half mast.

Joana Miranda Studio



“I think we may be family,” was whispered in his ear,
but he couldn’t see who said it, though he looked both far and near. 122 more words


"Set to Music" Naughty Little Pleasures

My talented friend Christine Anfossie just surprised me with a musical rendition of my poem “Naughty Little Pleasures,” a poem I wrote for day 1 of NaPoWriMo 2018. 182 more words

dVerse Poets Pub: Silly Fashion

Silly Fashion

July to March, April to June,
stir your boredom with a spoon.
Use a pot to brew your passion.
Clothe yourself in timely fashion. 33 more words


From My Sketchbook - Rhymes and Doodles

I tired of sketching those chained to their phones

As I traveled the subways through myriad zones.

So I dreamed up this stooped-over, cute little guy… 11 more words

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