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Family and the Holidaze

I went to Idaho this past weekend. I didn’t tell many people I was going, because I only had a couple of people I wanted to see in addition to the true reason I was there, which was to take my kid to see the last Hobbit film. 1,108 more words


I spend most of my day reading, but not reading what I like. It’s mostly emails and webstuffs and mail that crosses my desk. Currently I’m reading the Game of Thrones series. 227 more words


Recently, my son turned thirteen. For those of you paying attention, that means he is a teenager.

Srsly. I am too young to have a teenager. 379 more words

feedback loop

I used to fancy myself a writer, kind of. Now anytime I try to exercise that ol’ writer muscle it is just painful. I feel like I lost my voice and the only things I can say are “this is annoying” and “that’s not what I wanted.” I’m like a toddler or a teenager. 549 more words

Resolve (the obligatory new year post)

It’s a new year! There’s a 13 after the 20 now. And so…..

Things are–the same? Better? I don’t know. I’m alive! I have awesome friends! 476 more words

pie chart

I love making pies. And I haven’t been able to in recent months what with the moving and the pie making accoutrements being all packed up and with the painting and all of the rest of it. 468 more words


“and goldfish have no memory, their lives are much like mine. the little plastic castle is a surprise every time.” -ani d.

i can’t seem to remember anything. 80 more words