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An Ode to Larkin…and Slugs

An Ode to Larkin…and Slugs

When I wake up in the morning,

I often find that slugs have slithered on my shoes overnight.

I always leave them in the porch at the end of the day… 81 more words

Silly Shit

I Wanna Sext You Up!

If you don’t remember that song reference in the title you are too young to read my blog. Go to bed!

Sexting. How do we all feel about that? 350 more words

Real Life

What I was told about sex, before I had sex...

From what television has shown me, men sit around pontificating about the mechanics of sex in their formative years until its in danger of going out of fashion. 736 more words

Real Life

A case of 'Handbag Coitus Interuptus'

I am a retailers wet dream. Only last night while I was watching the Ann Summers advert and suddenly needed new underwear and a nurses uniform. 721 more words

Real Life


In honour of Throwback Thursday I am going to draw your attention to some old blogs of mine….

For those new readers….

….I started writing this blog at the end of 2010, then had to delete it, lost my way, started another. 26 more words

Real Life

'Somewhat insightful, mainly about her bits.'

I’ve decided that I am going to stop blogging about sex, and things sex related for fear of flogging a dead horse and regurgitting previous sentiments reminiscent of a horny housewife who has recently discovered erotic literature but whose lack lustre sex life has left her frustrated on the verge of smearing fish paste strategically and lying very still… 493 more words

Real Life