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Important Life Tips for Girls #14

Spots can be hormonal, or can be created by the over drying of skin through harsh facial cleaners or soap. After cleaning, even though we all quite like that tight shiny look use a light oil free moisturiser to limit the over production of sebum. 102 more words

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I just want to take a moment to say: I love dopaminergic stimulants so much.


Quick Thought....

…guys who don’t kiss after blow jobs were why headaches were invented.

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A brief foray into the advancement of women....

As a feminist I am disappointed at my lack of influence in the advancement in women.

Other than going to an all girls school which despite its archaic Catholic beliefs in the field of womanity prided itself in supporting the advancement of women in the sciences. 105 more words

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This one time....

There are very few times in life when you realise you are fundamentally a good person. Sometimes, it can seem a bit extreme.

The interesting thing about being: 512 more words

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