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Quick Thought....

…guys who don’t kiss after blow jobs were why headaches were invented.

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A brief foray into the advancement of women....

As a feminist I am disappointed at my lack of influence in the advancement in women.

Other than going to an all girls school which despite its archaic Catholic beliefs in the field of womanity prided itself in supporting the advancement of women in the sciences. 105 more words

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This one time....

There are very few times in life when you realise you are fundamentally a good person. Sometimes, it can seem a bit extreme.

The interesting thing about being: 512 more words

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The Weight of the World... or just costumes

Cover photo by zonetechnoculturelle.ca

Those who were at Otakuthon’s WCS qualifier might have enjoyed my interview, which was full on ‘Calamity is exhausted and sore and has no filter left so she’s going to talk about cats in front of a hundred people or so’. 111 more words


Hello New Followers!

Hello New and Old Followers!

Thought I would introduce myself and thank you all for following me!

I would absolutely love it if any of you, new or old introduce yourself, say hello, ask a question? 12 more words

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Things I learned about myself from a drunken evening when I was 17

Having watched a documentary, called Mortified about a group of people who read their diaries out in front of an audience I decided to have a look at a box of letters passed across the classroom from school. 407 more words

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Stayin' Alive


If this doesn’t amuse you I don’t know what will.

From LaughingSquid by way of Geekology.

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