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'Somewhat insightful, mainly about her bits.'

I’ve decided that I am going to stop blogging about sex, and things sex related for fear of flogging a dead horse and regurgitting previous sentiments reminiscent of a horny housewife who has recently discovered erotic literature but whose lack lustre sex life has left her frustrated on the verge of smearing fish paste strategically and lying very still… 493 more words



I think in this day and age it is more accurate to say that hope, rather than religion is the opiate of the people.

A few months ago I had a thought process that lead me to the conclusion that the lottery had replaced salvation and the promise of heaven. 481 more words


Here's some advice for the next one...

What phoenix ever rose from the flames of a one sided passion?

That was a brilliantly pretentious line I just came up with there whilst eating a microwave Dolmio Pasta Pot. 216 more words



I have never felt the urge to ‘go commando.’ This may be for many reasons, not least my need for the reassurance of a nice reinforced gusset to hide my shame at being highly eroticised by a myriad of inanimate, or indeed animate objects or my fear that I will just sit frotting against the seam of my trousers… 416 more words