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Shelving and prototypes

Husbod’s at it again: prototyping a possible shelf location using a cardboard box so that we can ‘get a feel of where it will be’. This will stay there for about a month after which I will get to say the same thing as I’d say today: “It’s fine, let’s put the shelf up”.

#hoveringclosetoahusbodwithaprotypingobsession #sendhelp #hoveringclosetoinsanity #makementalhealthgreatagain

Silly Shit

When the shit doesn't hit the fan

One of those rare nights when all the shit misses the fan and you actually have a pleasant family evening together. And even use that fire pit that we bought about a decade ago and which has been rusting in the corner of the garden ever since. 10 more words

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Hammer claw kitkat 

Words cannot express how annoying the experience of eating my Kit Kat was. In years past (16 years to be precise – how time’s flown) the delight of breaking the foil and snapping the kitkat stick off was a thing of simple satisfaction and joy. 76 more words

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That forgotten school project

8:21pm on the last day of the easter holidays and we’ve remembered that the children were supposed to make some sort of space craft object for their school space project… 168 more words

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E is for Easter/Ecstacy

Ok so what the actual fuck do they put in chocolate these days and why have my children turned into psychotic maniacs that hate the world? 370 more words

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Toffee crisps, sea life and a word on the Faraway Tree

The day started well – husbo let me have a lie in and then I had two toffee crisps for breakfast. I then got unnecessarily cross while buying a coffee because the smalls were pestering me incessantly for cake while husbore had buggered off to look at bikes. 268 more words

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