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Perpetual Perky People

This was originally published on January 16th, 2013. It’s been slightly edited.

Perpetual Perky People, or PPP’s, can sugarcoat the biggest turds, until they taste like fucking ambrosia. 208 more words


SMM Event: Write a Limerick

Congratulations to 
!!! Kristi !!! 
She won Eilidh’s Tomato Witch print.

Some days are serious and call for decorum. Well, that ain’t happening at SMM this weekend, so go right ahead and throw all that classiness out the window—it’s time to get wacky and maybe a tad obnoxious, too! 334 more words


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Get ye thee to SlasherMonster Magazine, a mean scene of wackiness and streaks of raciness. Relax for a change; shed your worries and share some funnies. Here's a sample of my silliness: Mr. Whyner That mister Is such a whyner. “Why you do dis?” “Why you do dat?” “Why you . . .” Enough already! With my Weedwacker, I whack off the head of Mr. Whyner. Silence is golden, My glass bong I be holdin’. For hours I smoke my wacky weed; I hear a voice – Why am I a bad seed?

RIVER STENCH REPORTS: Kayak & Girlfriend cut ties with local kayaker

Newbridge, Dartmoor. Friends and family of local boater Ewan Walters were shocked and surprised earlier to discover that his brand new Pyranah Machno had developed a large crack following a violent dismount from the roof of his car as he was returning home from the river. 365 more words

Dachshunds: Nature's Perfect Dinosaur Killers

A little story before we begin.

I seem to recall the debate between warm blooded and cold blooded dinosaurs beginning when I was a kid.  I was seriously in the cold blooded camp because dinosaurs were cold blooded. 380 more words

Silly Stuff

Create your own movie using this plot generator!

I’m busy rewriting my latest book so I can’t write anything for you lot. In the meantime, here’s a movie plot generator so you can create your own stories… courtesy of… 15 more words


The Sarcasm Kraken

I wasn’t born a sarcastic smartass. It was more like a slow evolution, somewhat akin to how a speck of sand becomes a pearl.

Honestly, I have no fucking clue how a speck of sand becomes a pearl. 536 more words


Still love weird quizzes....not sure why though?

But what on earth do they mean, really?  The internet ones just seem to give us back what we want to hear.  The quiz needs to capture more than just my own-self-imagining….to be real, that is.  57 more words