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The BIG Question: Which Superpowers Would You Choose?

I think this has to be a question as old as human imagination.  Right?  Once we began thinking of mythic beings, demigods, and superheroes – beings imbued with fantastic abilities – the next logical step after imagining their daring exploits would be to wonder what it would be like if… 1,861 more words


"a fireside tale" continues....

….here’s the new set of words for my next installment of “a fireside tale”….working on the next snippet using these words….

the word list:

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Those Were The Days: 80's Version

One of my favorite shows growing up was “All in the Family.”

Syndication made sure that I became quite familiar with Archie Bunker, his ditzy wife Edith, whiny daughter Gloria and his outspoken son-in-law Michael, aka Meathead. 201 more words


Year 11 Romeo and Juliet pick you up

Dear Year 11,

as you are preparing for your Romeo and Juliet essay tomorrow, I thought I’d share this meme I came across. Maybe it could aid an inspirational moment or, perhaps, some light relief as you plan your ideas…

Ms Murphy

Scooter Cat

There’s this app called Recolor, where you can digitally color various pictures, using different filters and effects if you so choose.

Then, you can share them with other people and also take a gander at their artwork. 103 more words