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A note found on the refrigerator in April



It’s not what you saw,

            Or, the illusions you have seen;

It is how you experienced the process,

           where ever you have been.

 Realizations, at it’s very best. 63 more words


"Magical Girl Powers... Activate!!"

Yep… It’s lil’ ol’ me again. I know… I made some real efforts to get more active last month during our “Thrilling Adventures!!” review marathon…. and I really, really wanted to keep the momentum rolling, but…. 2,061 more words


Missing Word Stories: From Saturn

Hey, purple penguins! Have you ever seen the Johnny Depp film ‘From Hell‘? Did you like it? Did you ever wonder what would happen if a fifteen-year-old girl wrote up a really short and stupid synopsis of it, left some words out, and got her friend to fill in those blanks by giving her only the type of word that was missing to go on? 154 more words


the quest

This week’s words came from Brittany in the Peppermint Creek Collective’s 33 Scavenger Hunt Game.

……here’s Brittany’s chosen words: journey, compass, mountain top, rivers, wild lands, unknown, ends of the earth, wild wind, latin, miner, farmer, coffee, mother, seeing, red… 279 more words

Silly Stuff

Missing Word Stories: The Disdainful Man

My new scanner arrived today, so now I don’t have to use that piece of shit I was complaining about in my last post. Yay! 324 more words


An Awakened Winter Bee

She started with a smile, speaking of her past

And all the flyers that she has ever met

And all that have left.


What then do I offer her? 93 more words