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The Love-Hate Challenge

Here’s another rerun of an old post that I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a list of the things that I love and hate. 420 more words


A Rerun Run Run

I was planning on posting a video today but I didn’t like the way that I sounded. Each spring I lose my voice because…I really have no clue. 290 more words


Take Two Nom Nom's and Call Me in the Morning

I’m having a nasty fibro flare today, but here’s a little something that made me laugh this morning.

Have a beautiful and blessed Good Friday. <3


New Stuff Happens Here

Well, Spring is sproinging with a great green ferocity.  The wisteria that is eating the corner of the house by the pool is blooming.  The pool is full of winter rainwater and must be drained before it begins to bloom millions of mosquitoes. 224 more words


A Chat With A Greybeard - The Adventures of Sven

“Goodness! That was a long climb, eh?”

The man in the monk’s habit inclined his head towards him slightly. His face was lined with age and, perhaps, the wisdom accrued over long years of study in the remote mountain fortress; his eyes were as blue – and as cold – as the empty shell of the sky above them. 659 more words


Rumble By The River - Sven's Journal

Sundas, 7th of Heartfire

Well, that was a bit rubbish. We’re walking along by the river just to the east of Whiterun – well, I’m… 474 more words