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Skill Based Games in Casinos

Casinos to offer skill-based video games to attract more customers

Move over, slot machines and Texas Hold’Em. It seems that Las Vegas could soon become the biggest venue for video game arcades. 334 more words

Travis The Grimm

06:58 am

I feel better now, i think im a little sick. Hori shetto but i feel better now :’j 

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Hot In Cleveland (Not the show)

As my daughter would say, it’s hotter than Satan’s butt-hole outside.

I would say asshole because it just sounds better, but my kid doesn’t swear. I even verified this with one of her friends. 298 more words


A poem For My Grandson PoPo

Small Spider in my car catches me unaware,

tickling on my chin.

How did he get in?

So sweet, so cute, what should I do with him? 36 more words



Today i went to the Amusement Park in the city alone… yeah alone. And i got a really good time! x3

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I ahev 5 likes in my blog… hori shetto! This is so cool! I feel so popular now! @w@

Silly Stuff

Oh Shit!!

I have 2 followers!! I can’t believe it!! Sooooo awesome!! YAY!! 

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