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Things I haven't done in 30 years

Not worn a bra.

Made a mud pie.

Run. (Unless being chased by a bee.)

Played dodge ball.

Had my hair in pigtails.

Worn leg warmers. 53 more words


TIMBITS NEWSFLASH! Ebola Patient Released After Misdiagnosis

ATLANTA – Brad Moony of Akron, OH was released yesterday after 118 days of Ebola quarantine when it was discovered he suffered from tennis elbow rather than the feared African disease. 141 more words


A Conversation With A Genie

Mer: Oh magical, mystical genie, please grant me my three wishes!!

Genie: Make it snappy, I haven’t taken a shower in 1,000 years. I reek. 234 more words


one word

I’d love to have one word from you.

…….a word beginning with the letter “a”

…………a word to use in my next story snippet

…………………..if you are interested, please leave your “a” word in the comments below or at my instagram account………….. 74 more words

A Snippet Of Story

Truthful Things

One of two things happen when you clean up someone else’s vomit. Either you bond closer with them or the relationship crumbles.

Falling in the mud is both disgusting and exhilarating at the same time. 145 more words


Chris Pratt Book Tag

I’ve found the best book tag out of them all: THE CHRIS PRATT BOOK TAG!

Chris Pratt is one of my favorite actors/human beings, so to see a book tag based on his life/films is pretty cool. 17 more words

Travis The Grimm

Chewing the night away

I bought a giant lime green pillow for my couch today. I placed said pillow perfectly and it took a half hour before my American Bulldog Maya pulled it to the ground and laid down on it. 235 more words