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Goatie's Storm, part 10

Storm found her fascinating.  He looked her over as she slept, and liked what he saw.  Her body was healthy, and a good weight.  Her breasts had no sag to them, and her vulva was thick.  867 more words

Goodnight Sweetheart

Or, otherwise entitled…

A momentous occasion is upon us!


Patience is a virtue


Life doesn’t always go to plan


I obviously couldn’t make my mind up what to call this post, could I? 1,496 more words

Mummy Blog

Pictures from the staff room - exclusive access

This packed lunch blew my mind yesterday. Which member of staff do you think is responsible for bringing in this deconstructed ploughmans?? This master chef also brought in home made cookies. 10 more words

Strange Dialogue VI: A New Hope Force Awakens the Phantom Menace.

“What’s this?”

“What’s what?”


“Oh. That. A dead body.”

“A dead body.”

“Right. Thought it be obvious.”

“What’s it doing in my living room?” 218 more words

Silly Stuff

Gets Cool On Top Without All That Hair

Just had a much needed haircut, and now my helmet fits mice and snugly. However, one thing I forgot … It gets mighty cool on top of my head. 39 more words


Only In America

Only In America:

  • Criminals who don’t obey/respect police commands and then cry foul.
  • String cheese
  • A person does not necessarily become president by winning the popular vote of the people.
  • 190 more words

My Bubbly Baby

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” ~Leo J. Burke

My daughter is turning 8 today, so I thought I’d repost this cute video of her when she was a baby.

75 more words
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