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The Bodyguard – Potential Spoiler Alert

As we look forward to the big reveal on Sunday night I can’t help wondering what it will be. My own personal opinion is that PPO Budd had something to do with it. 126 more words


Things No One Has Ever Said In The History Of Everything

“My wife needs more pillows.”

“That mullet looks great!”

“Soccer’s exciting.”

“The world needs more hate.”

“Pink armpit hair’s hot.”

“I got a job with my arts degree.” 39 more words


Peppered Steak

Charcoal piled high
Splash on the fuel to create a flaming pyre
Whoosh goes the flame like a phoenix
Soot covering my face I need a Kleenex… 48 more words

Let's talk

Since Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have passed I thought to start the Jewish new year with a bang! I’m doing a new series called “Lets Talk” … 139 more words

A Limerick. Best I can muster at the moment.

What an insanely busy few weeks here.  I have had little chance to do a great deal at all and I am missing writing and will hopefully be back to normal in just over a week.  62 more words


Massive Toad Confusion

Owing to a certain amount of reticence on the part of the UK broadcast media, I was made aware that Stormy Daniels has written a book in which she compares Donald Trump to a character called “Toad” but given little further context. 328 more words