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Closing up is hard to beat

Clams open to eat
but shut tight neat to accrete
nothing new to greet.



My son just asked me why does mummy always cry when she cuts an onion.

I told him she feels guilty because she stole it from the supermarket.

The Farmer’s Breakup

If you see a cow

Running o’er the fields of Maine

Please tell her that I was wrong

And to please come home again.


FAQs: Spinach - why is it green and does it really itch?

Spinach is the green stuff that Popeye eats in order to stop his eyes from popping out of his skull. But there’s more to it than that! 619 more words


I can see clearly now ...

I’m a ‘speccy-four-eyes’ and, what’s more, I’m proud to be one. I like my glasses and, since I couldn’t even consider the idea of touching my own eyeball, I’ve not much choice but to wear them really. 1,396 more words

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