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The 6 Do's and Don'ts of Magnolia Market at the Silos

Like most of America, our household is pretty big into Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Fixer Upper” show on HGTV. It really is a great show for families and couples because it has the construction/demo day aspect and the home design elements – something for everyone. 824 more words


Organizing for Agriculture

This title alone does not convey this to be an engaging blog, but let’s see if I can put a unique spin on this topic. What have you done for agriculture? 579 more words

Is it time for a silo clean-out?

AIRMATIC has a wide range of products to assist you in your silo clean-out! Check out some of the options below:

  • The MARTIN® HD Bin Whip Tool allows our trained Technicians to dislodge stubborn materials from outside the vessel, preventing hazardous confined space entry and damage to the vessel’s lining, walls, or bottom.
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Our trip to Waco + five must-visit sites if you go

If any of you are thinking about a trip to Waco, go! I took a trip with my mom and sisters to see the capital city of all things Fixer Upper, and we were not disappointed. 659 more words

Historic Homes

NIKE: Nuclear Incidents Kindle Enlightenment

N uclear

I ncidents

K indle

E nlightenment

Davros lives! The Cold War was over, and the archetypal design war was on! The underground silos for NIKE nuclear missiles were flooded and silently waiting on the outskirts of campus. 129 more words

How to Break Through Silo's, Department Politics & Infighting

Silo’s, company politics and infighting are detrimental to the bottom line and to our customers. It is also painful for leaders, colleagues, and staff due to the destructive atmosphere it creates. 445 more words


Back Down The Silo

I wrote a post about how people work in their own silos, not really caring about what happens outside of their silo.  Even those with the best of intentions can end up working in their own silo. 628 more words