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Metamorpho #4

While it doesn’t happen often, sometimes a cover grabs me. It’s so enticing that I can’t resist getting a little giddy to see what’s inside. Metamorpho #4 dated Jan-Feb. 1,447 more words


Strange Adventures (Silver Age)

Initially a science fiction anthology title with some continuing features starring SF protagonists, the series became a supernatural-fantasy title beginning with issue #202, for which it received a new logo. 50 more words


Ripley's Believe It or Not!

For generations, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! told tales of the bizarre and uncanny, but which “were absolutely true—believe it or not!” In doing so, Ripley has introduced readers to everything from child prodigies who composed masterpieces before they turned 12, to great islands built by people throwing pebbles off into the water over a period of several generations. 118 more words


Brave and the Bold (Silver Age)

The first volume of the series ran for 200 issues from August/September 1955 to July 1983. Originally, The Brave and the Bold was an anthology… 82 more words


Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl - pt. 4

In the 1940’s, the golden age, earth-2 Hawkgirl appeared in issues of both All-Star Comics and Flash Comics yet she only appeared 16 times in the titles between 1941 and 1949. 968 more words


Fantastic Four no.5, 1962

Fantastic Four no.5, July 1962 from the early months of the Marvel Age. Cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Sinnott first inked Kirby in Battle no.69 in April 1960. 347 more words

Classic Comics

Desperately Seeking Hawkgirl - pt. 3

In my research done in the line of tracking the appearances of the elusive Hawkgirl, I learned that her silver age persona as Shiera Hall appeared in two back-to-back Justice League of America issues. 271 more words