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13 Days of Plastoween: Costume party!

  • from Plastic Man #4 (vol. 2)
  • J. Winslow Mortimer, artist
  • Arnold Drake, writer
Plastic Man

Fantasy Bob Mould Setlist

Bob Mould Band –  Mike’s living-room – Any time!

I’ve said a couple of times that I’d love to see Bob Mould do a show with a main set based entirely on the last three albums. 82 more words

Bob Mould

The Paradise “trick.”

If the Drama, Life, is all predestined and moves according to its inner intelligence of self-preservation through changes, and we are agents, to manifest those changes; then, how “I” can change “my” destiny to go to a place labeled as Paradise?

563 more words

Three Reasons I Don't Like the Third ("Modern Psycho") Joker


If you’re not familiar with the Three Joker Theory (which isn’t really a “theory” in the comics anymore), the videos above and below will get you up to speed. 768 more words

Popular Media

Why don't super heroes ever smile?

I was a big comic book fan growing up and I have a retained a love for the Marvel and DC silver age books that I collected.  139 more words

That time Superman became the Flash...

   Check out this awesome post from the blog of Dial-B-For-Blog about this story by Edwin Hamilton from Action Comics number 314. Drawn by Curt Swan, this is a fantastical tale from DC comic’s technicolor Silver Age. 65 more words

The Imperial Probot