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HMM Day 17 - Fiend Without A Face

A scientists thoughts have materialized into real form and are going on a killing spree. All with the victims brains and spinal chords being ripped out! 578 more words

Nathan Scovell

Flash (Vol. 1) #134

Last week, I took a short trip to Wayne, NJ (about 40 minutes from my house) to visit what some say is the best comic shop in New Jersey — Zapp Comics. 998 more words

The Flash

The Ages of Comics - A Four Part Saga

This is something I’ve meant to write for quite a while. I’m no comics expert, just someone interested in the subject so if there are any errors here, they are mine alone. 1,410 more words


Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra's Eyes

Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes – In a previous post regarding Dark Nights: Metal #2, I asked the question: If Kendra Saunders (Lady Blackhawk) is not hosting the soul of her departed great-aunt Shiera Saunders, then what happened to Shiera? 315 more words


Hail to the King, baby

Happy 100 to Jack Kirby. Pretty much the Silver Age of comics revolves around his work, so thanks for all the great stuff.

Comic Strip

Music on Mondays (8/21/17)—I don't believe in the sun

With all the fascination about the eclipse today, I couldn’t help but wonder why so many Republicans and Regressives didn’t call predictions about the eclipse’s path and its totality as fake news like they do with climate change, vaccines, evolution. 123 more words

Music On Mondays

The Incredible Hulk - Silver Age

The Hulk first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 (cover dated May 1962), written by writer-editor Stan Lee, penciled and co-plotted by Jack Kirby… 304 more words