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2 August 2015

One month of winter to go and we are aiming for a summer harvest from the Block.  Over the past two weeks we have prepared a veggie patch between the poplars and the liquid amber.   433 more words

Spoon 27 of 52 - The Ice Cream Scoop in Silver Birch

I’m 3 weeks behind on my spoons but managed to get this one finished yesterday. It’s made from silver birch heart wood and is bloody hard. 94 more words


Between Showers

Between showers
the air holds its breath.
Already the silver birch
is tinged with gold.


Self-seed City

I’m starting to see how land returns to nature. I am cultivating but, without chemicals and continuous digging, there are some interesting goings-on in the back garden. 238 more words


Bare Bones Birch

I’ve been looking at this recently repotted silver birch for a while and finally decided to perform some drastic pruning.  Initially the second trunk (right) was left on as a sacrifice branch but I really like the movement it offers rather than the original straight trunk.  25 more words