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Silver birch spoke

The birch spoke gently of the red hot twisted wire, which is present. What it refers to is stress. It looks and feels like a buzzing red hot energy unable to escape, so it continues to bump against sides of the wire and sparks build up till potentially exploding. 442 more words

Nature Based Spirituality

24 January 2017

When we look back at what the Bloch looked like two and a half years ago we recognise how much we have achieved – starting with the blackberry annihilation. 561 more words

Vase inside a Vase

Spring arrives early in the world of cut flowers – so this week the best flowers in the supermarket were these red tulips.  I still wanted to keep an element of Winter to the design so added sheets of silver birch bark.   334 more words

Silver Birch on Sea

I planned to capture a landscape here; but eventually I slipped back to my regular style of ‘close and smaller’.

Horizontals and verticals

5/6 More Crickhowell garden steps …

… and a stand of silver birch


Week 23 -12.Hair

This tree is in our road. It looks great at this time of the year. I have not noticed it before. I think the ?hanging down looks like hair. 21 more words

Signs of Spring...

Wild honeysuckle sprouting and winding.

Primroses pushing through.

Silver birches shifting.