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11/365 - Chesterfield Magistrate's Court

This odd fish is one of my favourite buildings in Chesterfield. If you know the town, it’s in front of the Town Hall. It’s the former magistrate’s court building, although the court has moved and I believe the building is up for sale now. 88 more words


10/365 - Chesterfield Magistrates Court; or, Attack Decay Sustain Release

If you’re a fan of Joel Tjintjelaar’s photography, you’ll get the reference in the title. I wasn’t planning to blatantly copy his work when I took this pic – I was just scoping the building out and when I looked through the pics when I got home, there it was. 106 more words


9/365 - Lamp and seats

Another colour picture, although it’s practically duotoned. 26 more words


7/365 - Doorway

Similar to yesterday – I was trying to create a sense of something (menace, unease, tension) through the use of negative exposure compensation, 27 more words


6/365 - Streets in the sky

This is some generic block of flats near us. I can’t even remember what they’re called. People move in, stay for three months, then move out because of the noise from other tenants. 136 more words


3/365 - Gazebo, Queen's Park, Chesterfield

This is the bandstand/gazebo in the middle of Queen’s Park, Chesterfield.

Location Chesterfield
Date taken 12/27/14, 9:46 am UTC
Dimensions 1683 x 2544
File name gazebo_4111.jpg… 29 more words