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9 months later

Today my little Bri is 9 months old. It has been an amazing but also very tiring experience.  The past 9 months have been a roller coaster. 905 more words


Short Story: The Silver Lining

“Whatchuu doing?” he asked inquisitvely.
“Chasing my dreams,” she answered without looking up from the pot she was scrubbing. They just had the delicious beef stew that Jason made for dinner. 464 more words


Silver Line

It is said Every cloud has a silver lining. I wish to have one for me. I searched for my silver lining, I wandered in the huge sky to get mine, I didn’t get anything. 120 more words

Silver Lining

Nature has a way of communicating the right message at the right time. I look around me and listen to the whispers and find hope and inspiration in nature’s signs. 17 more words


Are You Positive?

we all know the saying: “assuming makes an A_ _ out of U and ME“ well, i think it’s safe to assume most of us do it anyway. 163 more words


A lasting impression

“Look there! A beast!”, he exclaimed as he pointed to my little girl sitting in her pram. He couldn’t have been older than five years old, but his words still stung. 619 more words

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