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silver hiking

i’m hiking through silver skies

my legs stretch really far out, nearly in a split

i can’t feel the ground, so i just keep stretching… 48 more words

Spider Sequel

About three weeks or so ago I packed up all my stuff, bribed a friend in to coming over to help me move all my furniture 12″ away from the walls, removed the cat, the plant, and I out of the apartment for half the day and returned to an odour filled apartment because the pest control people had been here spraying in the hopes of making my apartment less hospitable to the spiders that were biting me on a regular basis. 408 more words

Home Life

Writing & Chronic Illness

This blogpost is very close to my heart and I debated writing it for a long time.

Let me start out by saying all chronic illnesses are different. 444 more words

The magic of rock bottom

Rock bottom is that point where you get so sick of the misery you ask yourself whether it is worth continuing – you want to escape so it’s either end it all or do something drastic –anything at all to feel better. 632 more words


When he woke up she was gone.

In her place you could only see the stained glasses on the coffee table and an old packet, of very old film. 917 more words



It’s already past midnight.

Meaning, technically, I didn’t write anything on the 28th of November.

But that’s just how this blog and the world work. 515 more words

Amigo and Me

I was hoping I’d never have to write this post, especially not so soon.

I’m so very heartbroken to announce that my companion Amigo died on Thanksgiving Day. 833 more words

Peace Corps