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Nice to be back...

Hello, I’m back.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A long while.

In my last post I mentioned the theory that perhaps my Fibromyalgia would be gone with, what some perceived, as the cause gone. 719 more words

Day To Day Life

Silver lining #AtoZChallenge

Moran heard the shout.

He’d been following Foster, an incompetent junior officer, who for the first time had made a suggestion in the Castle Killer case that wasn’t as entirely ridiculous as usual. 106 more words


Chapter 37 (ii): Midnight at the beach

29 March 2014

9:45 pm

The day’s not over yet, folks.

Just as I’m finishing up my dinner alone by the pool, the shuffle of feet makes me look up. 909 more words


Roadside Assistance

Changing a tire in the rain

only to find it is rusted solid to the well,

now using words I probably shouldn’t

while my wife calls for roadside assistance. 108 more words


The Dilemma

The dilemma of life has come to a stage

From where there’s no escape.

Where one part of it wants to play,

The other says it has grown so aged. 95 more words

Shaking It All Around

I am a pro at making scrambled eggs.  If you need anything mixed together, I’m your girl, provided you don’t mind how I mix it together.   208 more words

Whims And Wonders