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Day Twenty Five: Pain.

He was left in the dark,
Dead for the world.

The words were not powerful enough to describe how it felt,
The mental state, deteriorating at every step. 91 more words


Poem #7

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a title.

Take my breath away

Like the depths of tomorrow,

But don’t ever tell me that you’ll run… 58 more words


Day 85: Silver and Clouds

When I was little, there was this game I used to play. It was totally the most fun, most awesome, most British video game I’ve ever played. 668 more words

Tricks And Tools

No Good, Really Bad Day

That is the kind of day I am having. I blame my out of whack hormones thanks to the combination of what is probably the birth control I am taking and my new thyroid medication dose. 395 more words


John Jone - Silver lining

I was parked outside fiddling with my phone like a teenager. Sera had taken to sending sweet nothings every minute and for some reason I liked it – maybe she wasn’t the crazy one. 685 more words