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MissedMissed my Expensive British Airways Flight/ When You Accidentally Get What You Wanted.

​On Saturday 17th September, I was disgnosed with acute pharyngitis. If you don’t know what that is, in simple terms it’s called ‘a sore throat’, but one with symptoms such as muscle pains, joint aches, difficulty swallowing, headaches and fever and more, of which I had all. 995 more words

Silver Lining

Positive bullets #2

Time for another one of these! No time limit anymore. I’ll just get as much things that make me smile out of my head until I actually have to dig in my brain to find one. 563 more words

10 Ways To Transform Your Painful Heartbreak Into A Beautiful Silver Lining

One night you’re crying your eyes out from anticipating the loss of your lover or the bereavement over the death of your heart, then one great morning you’re singing with the appreciation upon the overlooked gifts and you’re laughing your lungs out. 2,145 more words

Things to Remember When It All Goes Wrong

By Sarah O’Brien

Whether you’re a first year grappling with timetables or a fourth year staring down the barrel of an FYP, college life inevitably goes a little south from time to time. 638 more words


Up Above

The sunlight filtering down from the clouds, makes it look almost divine.


Can You Swim? 

Most people want a couple things out of life.

Whether it be success, love or riches.

You want something.

To have these things, a commodity has to be given up, because you can’t have everything. 399 more words


I want to believe ....

I really want to believe that there is still some room for hope..
 I really want to believe that the universe conspires to get you what you really want…  78 more words