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The Silver Lining

Writer’s block. I’m not sure what that exactly means, but I know I have it. I’m not a writer though; so am I technically allowed to say I have writers block?! 493 more words

Four Inch And Up


About five years ago prior to having my daughter I started keeping a gratitude journal, it was something I heard about while watching Oprah one day. 210 more words

To An Athlete Dying Young

On the many occasions that I bemoan the fact that we all have to give up our youth someday in exchange for grey hair and weary bones, I console myself with the thought that old age is preferable to its only other alternative-dying young. 396 more words

1997: Cold Hard Winter

Through tears against the bitter cold, Burger King’s logo flickers in the pitch dark. Thank you, God for this beacon. Never thought we’d reach the end of this frigid desert. 791 more words

Silver Lining

Personal circumstance is weighing on my heart and soul. The genuine moments of happiness, though few, are deeply valued. It feels as though my strength and bravery reserves are gone. 954 more words