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We Need More Than Diverse Characters In Film and TV Shows.

The poster girl for Hollywood’s cancer patients are white, petite, teenage girls with pixie haircuts who are more interested in their love life than their terminal illnesses. 986 more words

Silver Linings Playbook Movie Review

I was actually quite excited to watch Silver Linings Playbook as I had heard that Jennifer Lawrence won an award for her acting in it. Plus, the synopsis for the movie seemed interesting enough. 886 more words


Why I Love The Eagles

My favourite Eagles blog – Bleeding Green Nation – ran an article this week about why us Eagles fans became Eagles fans and I thought that could be a cool thing to write about. 310 more words


Borderline Personality Disorder // Trastorno límite de personalidad

Hello everyone, time flies… It’s May already and May is BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER awareness month, so we are going to talk about it because us with hypothyroidism experience changes in our mental state, might not be BPD but we understand mental health is important. 1,658 more words

Manchester by the Sea

There’s a truly splendid scene that occurs near the end of the first act of Silver Linings Playbook, in which Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) invites Pat (Bradley Cooper) to have sex with her, cries upon his chest, slaps him and walks away in the span of about sixty seconds. 192 more words

Mental Health Awareness Week - Hollywood Tackles The Taboo

Written by Chris Gelderd

May 8th – 14th marks Mental Health Awareness Week.

When you say “mental health” to many, the first thing they think about is person who acts a little different to others, who does not conform to many social statuses, and is generally a bit of an outsider. 923 more words

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Silver Linings Playbook ***1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “Silver Linings Playbook” is one of the more original romantic comedies I have seen in a while. It is a blending of dark drama and a screw ball comedy and features career best performances from Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Silver Linings Playbook