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Shortys Nails: Crossing The Milky Way!

SHORTYS NAILS… is a series where I will be showing you different manicures that I´ve been wearing. I have a lot of nail polishes and thanks to this series I make sure to use the polishes I have.

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Steven Soderbergh's App Will Change How You Watch TV

(Source: www.wired.com)

Plotting director Steven Soderbergh’s latest project—an interactive smartphone app called Mosaic—required covering most of the walls in a Chelsea loft with color-coded cards and notes. 1,699 more words


And, Another Thing...

Friday, December 15, 8:56 am EST. I almost forget to say… a very recent analysis came my way, which I found interesting. This person said to chart GDX and note how that it is was just then putting in a 4th bottom. 113 more words

Don't Give Up Hope!

Friday, December 15, 7:00 am EST. The metals look to be putting up something of a stand here. Prices, after this most recent decline, appear to be firming up. 390 more words

A Tour of This Year's Christmas Decor

I am the queen of changing out my Christmas decor. It’s like just when I think I’ve found something that I’ll like for at least 3 years and buy butt loads of it, I change my mind. 555 more words